I’m Ebonie Allard.
I'm an award winning coach.
I'm an adventurer, an artist, and an advocate.
I'm the go-to person for misfits and mavens.

I help people like you who are overwhelmed, have no time, and have forgotten who they really are to get CLARITY, CONFIDENCE, COURAGE and CALM so that you can be bolder, freer and happier NOW and really enjoy living your best life!

I am a Certified & award winning Master Coach. Creator of the Misfit to Maven Way and the Value Filter™ system. A Misfit turned Maven. An Adventurer of life. An Author. A Priestess. A Sister. A Friend. . .

I help creative misfits like you to simplify their lives, and eliminate guilt allowing you to live your greatest potential and be bolder, freer and happier now!

I know that you crave work that's fulfilling, connected authentic intimate relationships, time for yourself to connect to who you really are and time to explore and indulge your creativity. I help people like you to:

  • Accelerate Adventure; building purposeful, fun, fulfilled and rewarding work & lives.
  • Create Connection; a sense of real belonging, awesome authentic relationships with yourself and with others.
  • Magnetize money; in a way that feels good and is in line with your values.

It is my mission to help you live a fully rounded three dimensional, successful and self governed life. At my core I believe that it is your responsibility to shine, to bring your gifts to the world, and to encourage others to do the same.

What qualifies me to do this?

How the hell do I help?

  • I’m a fan of you and people like you - the more unique the better
  • I’m practical, pragmatic, realistic and honest. I will cheerlead AND challenge you.
  • I am creative and solutions focused, I work fast and deep and notice the little things - maybe it's my TV / Film background
  • I’m a certified Personal Performance and Business Coach, as well as a self taught Personal Development Junkie.
  • I believe your life and your business should be rewarding & fun, not just a means to an end.
  • I am hugely passionate about empowering you to be confident, bold, authentic, wild and true! I want you to have a three dimensional, fulfilling life you are proud of!

AND, I've lived it. I've been a freelancer, business owner & entrepreneur. I've had awesome successes and fantastic failures and I've learned from them all.   My intuition combined with practical wisdom and no nonsense straight shooting, say-it-as-I-see-it talk, enables me to inspire and empower you to live a life of freedom and abundance.

~ 'The 7 secrets to a Maven Mindset' ~

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Misfit: a person not suited in behaviour or attitude to a particular social environment - something that does not fit or fits badly.

A person who is too innovative, too creative, too geeky and or too full of heart to clock in and clock out of a job and or life. A person who doesn’t naturally conform, who is awake enough to not want to be a sheep, but not completely accepting of or able to embrace, surrender and trust their uniqueness, difference and vulnerabilities. A person who feels like they don’t belong.

Maven: a trusted expert in a particular field, who seeks to pass knowledge on to others.

The word maven comes from Hebrew, meaning "one who understands", based on an accumulation of knowledge. A person who is innovative, creative, geeky and full of heart. A person who walks to the beat of their own drum, who is awake and accepting of themselves and others. A person who makes daily practice of embracing to, surrendering and trusting their uniqueness, difference and vulnerabilities and those of others.

On my journey from Misfit to Maven, I learned a thing or two that just might resonate with you...

Curiosity opens doors

Before I was seven years old I had lived in a house truck, on a commune, in France, in New Zealand, in Ireland, and several homes in England. I had been bathed in a sink, and had a pet goose called Lucy. I think it’s fair to say that my parents gifted me with a curiosity for the world.

I learned that being open and curious was the road to everything that’s good about being human.

It’s only when we close ourselves off that life stops being magical.

I understand, embrace, and CHERISH the unconventional. The curious. The extraordinary.

We’re not meant to be like anyone else and those differences should be celebrated.

Work hard play hard is ONE way to live

After graduating Uni, I went on to have a successful and (eventually) well paid career as a Freelance TV & Film Production Buyer, Stylist, and Project / Event Manager.

I worked hard and played harder.

I suffered from burn out at the end of every job. I had money, and so I would take myself off to Thailand and engulf myself in fasting and raw food, or Egypt for a yoga retreat.

My life was a roller coaster of working til I collapsed and then ‘retreating’ around the world.

In July 2009, I had my first pangs of “Is this it?!”

I wasn’t satisfied, there was a huge void in my life, I felt empty.

I knew there was another way to live - another option for doing work I love without sacrificing my mind and body.

We’re always evolving

In the midst of the impending recession in 2009 I set up My Girl Friday Ltd, providing Freelance Personal and Virtual Assistance to Creative Businesses & Private Individuals in the UK and across the globe.

It was a wonderfully brave and stupid thing to do.

I was homeless and sofa surfing, massively in debt and knew nothing about running a business. Which meant I had nothing to lose and gave it everything I had.

Bootstrapping a business when you are desperate and resourceful can be a wonderful thing, and I was given opportunities to learn from many wildly inspirational Entrepreneurs, Businesses, and Private Clients.

We learn and we grow.

It’s ok to move on

Fast forward to December 2011 and from the outside my business looked great. We had survived the toughest part of the recession. I had made my best friend my business partner, the Company was growing larger, our reputation and reach were extending, we had invites to amazing events, and were being nominated for awards.

But, inside the business I was stuck and lost. I was not having fun! I wasn’t delegating, I was pushing people away again.

I was working round the clock, but we were not making enough profit, I was not running my business, my business was running me!

The patterns of my past were repeating themselves.

I felt trapped, and overwhelmed. I doubted everything, I felt discomfort and I numbed it with food and alcohol, I felt no real pleasure and no real pain, I felt disconnected from my clients, from my business partners and from my purpose.

All I could hear were demands, dissatisfaction; the voice of my own disappointment, and silence…

On the outside, I looked like I was coping. Doing well even. The smile masked what was really going on.

No matter what you think you’re “supposed to” feel - listening to yourself and your body is a non-negotiable and a huge part of the Misfit to Maven way.

Regardless of how it looked on the outside, I had hit my rock bottom - my dark night of the soul – No yoga, diet, CBT, retreat, or advice was going to pull me up from the floor this time; I felt flat, my life was completely grey, all the colour had gone.

It was time for a change.

There is an upgraded version of you, if you’re ready

In November 2011 I moved to Bali, surrounded myself in colour and femininity and made it my mission to figure out who I was and like it.

I decided to learn from all the crazy adventures I have been on, all the books I have read, all the people I have met, all the businesses I have worked with. I raked through all the notes I had from retreats and workshops, and therapy and courses; all the journals I kept, all the money I lost, all the diets and pills – everything! I drew out all the lies and all the truths and worked out what they were really saying.

I spent three years adjusting. Adapting and creating Ebonie 2.0. I won’t lie to you, it was an emotional and sometimes painful journey. There have been lonely times. Sad times. Angry times. I've had to let go of a lot of who I was. But there has also been a lot of acceptance and joy.

Fast forward to today, and everything has changed. These days I am inspired, full of creativity and imagination. I am grounded, strong and yet light and playful in my body.

I dance, lift weights, have my photo taken, I eat in a well balanced way – for my health and without any ‘rules’ for the first time in my life. I have work that inspires and empowers me and others. I have time and space in my life to feel creative and indulge in my passions and hobbies. I hear the laughter of my friends and family. I know that the people around me are interested in what I do, and I share my experience and my ideas openly.

I feel seen, heard, empowered and encouraged.

I feel all my feelings without suffering them. These days I ask for support when I need it and listen to my body wisdom; sleep, eat and exercise when I know I need and want to. I listen to others and share my world.

I feel connected, I know I am always enough, never too much and my worth is not determined by anyone else but me! My brain is stimulated daily and I have all the clarity and resources I need. I feel comfortable in my own skin.

Emotionally I feel all my feelings without judgement. I am able to really experience pleasure, and my experiences of discomfort show up as lessons and feedback.

I have the money I need and want in order to have the home, possessions, freedoms and experiences I desire and give back.

I feel honoured and humbled to be able to share all of what I have learned with you.

It brings me great joy to be able to work with the misfits - the people who won't conform and inspire and empower you to have it ALL, in your OWN way.

Just for fun

  • I am a tattoo collector and yes I will probably get more! (I still don't think of myself as heavily tattooed, even after my knuckles)
  • In 2001 I graduated with BA Hons in Theatre Practice and Scenic Art from the Central School of Speech and Drama.
  • In 2007 I received my Reiki one and  Reiki two attunements
  • In December 2009 as part of my personal battle with learning to love and accept my body and myself, I qualified as an IYN accredited Hatha Yoga teacher, and to this day I maintain a yogic practice and philosophy in my daily life which I credit with keeping me sane.
  • In 2014 I gained professional certification from The Coaching Academy.
  • In 2018 I qualified as an mBit coach (multiple brain integration technique) - This allows me to empower you to use your multiple brains to do cool stuff!
  • In 2018 I won International Coach of the Year as awarded by The Coaching Academy
  • In 2019 I became a certified Master coach
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~ 'The 7 secrets to a Maven Mindset' ~

FREE eBook Download

Release the core limiting beliefs that keep 90% of people stuck in survival mode

Learn the 7 powerful secrets to living a rich life full of joy and purpose.

Over 1000 misfits have downloaded it so far. Grab it now whilst it’s free! You can find our Privacy Policy here.

To view our Privacy Policy, please visit: https://ebonieallard.com/privacy-policy/