BE KIND is the TRUE ROMANCE of coaching packages.

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This package is for you if for the most part, things are ticking over.

You know what you do, and who for. You’ve got some systems and procedures in place and you feel like you’re on top of things some of the time.

But when something doesn’t go according to plan, your confidence takes a bash.

Either financially or emotionally, (or both) you’re in a place of feast and famine.

You’re ready to seriously up-grade your work and your life and live from a place of true abundance and a sense of security.

You want to move beyond just feeling okay to feeling fucking awesome!

You want to dive down the rabbit hole and enter a whole new paradigm of opportunity, possibility, freedom, creativity and joy!

I have been where you are now! I get what it's like to be so close and yet, keep hitting an upper limit or glass ceiling. Whilst mostly you're thriving its missing the consistency you crave and you're ready to do whatever it takes to be unapologetically and successfully you!

  • You have a high level of awareness of yourself and others.
  • You are great at living in the now and have found ways of accessing your zone of genius, but you don’t always see a return on your investments.
  • You believe everything happens for a reason, and you know that the universe has got your back. (But knowing it cognitively and feeling it / believing it are different)
  • You believe that when you're aligned then the right set of circumstances, the right people appear - everything aligns with ease. You’d like to create more of these situations, please.

Its for you if you are committed to integrity. To authenticity. To truth. To your dreams. To true freedom. To living in line with your values. To living a congruent, fulfilling life at your greatest potential and highest good. Its for you if you want to marry hustle with heart and really THRIVE!

The BE KIND package, is an intensive overhaul and up-grade of your business and life…

  • You'll go from feast n famine into true manifestation mastery and consistency!
  • You’ll move from working HARD to working SMART. (Tonnes more TIME freedom)
  • You'll remove the blocks currently stopping you from experiencing the growth and abundance you have worked so hard for.
  • You'll learn how to maintain balance, ease, and flow in your life which means that you can enjoy your business and your personal life in equal measure
  • You'll be able to look in the mirror and be proud of the person you see!

This package is for my VIP's.

It includes everything from Wake Up and Kick Ass, but we go deeper.

You get unrestricted access to me and everything I have to offer.

Plus you get discounts and early access on everything new I create.

It’s for you if you’ve got a lot of your house in order but you want MORE

More depth, more consistency, more intimacy, more adventure, more money, more fun!

Its for you if you know that you’re getting in your own way but you're not really sure how.

This work will really drop your upper-limiting to the curb, and allow you to up-level every area of your life.

This package includes 1:1 sessions with me AND a small group mastermind element, allowing you to benefit from even more wisdom, accountability and support.

The Be Kind package includes:

  • 1 x VIP Intensive Day to start including lunch, over night hotel stay and spa day!
  • 6 x months of fortnightly 1:1 virtual coaching sessions.
  • Small group mastermind support group.
  • Exclusive discounts, first access to retreats and new offer / perks or extras I make for my community
  • 1 x group virtual retreat.
  • VIP group 'end of term' celebration and feast in Barcelona
  • Access to my licensed curriculum M2M80, the M2M360 community and an exclusive FB group of the inner circle VIP clients
  • A HUGE bespoke carton of Out of the Box personalised merchandise, physical gifts and swag!
  • 1:1 Sessions with my publicist, lawyer and branding expert!
  • 1 x additional VIP Intensive Day or 2 x extended brainstorming sessions for use at your descretion!

*You pay your own travel to all locations, accommodation is covered in the UK.


1:1 private coaching with me and these extraordinary extras!

  • Access to Misfit to Maven in 80 days, my licensed coaching programme materials and workbooks worth £555
  • 6 Months membership of M2M360, our invested and committed community of misfits (worth £673)
  • Access to my black book and introductions to the entrepreneurs that I know who can help you move forward with your business
  • Resource library: I will send you worksheets, ebooks, trainings, and other resources tailored to the unique needs of you and your business
  • Un-rushed, fully present 1:1 sessions with me.
  • Recordings of your sessions
  • Support between sessions
  • Personalised box of OUT OF THE BOX goodies handpicked to make your journey magical!
  • Virtual retreat and intimate group mastermind.
  • Celebration event in Barcelona (in May)
  • Hotel stays and spa days!

Your investment: £2084 x6

Apply Today!

You don’t have to have a business or aspirations of ever owning one to work with me. If you want an Out of the Box life - if you’re on the edge of a breakthrough - we can absolutely work together.

Whats next?

Apply today! What will it cost you not to?

So, you’re clear on what coaching is and what it isn’t (see my FAQs for more on that!) and you’re ready to be a MAVEN - FAB, book in a 10 min chat to work out if we're a good match!

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