A Real Way to Be Part of the Solution

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or in a cave, you’ve likely felt overwhelmed and scared by all that is going on in the world right now. It can be tricky not to focus on the problems. The wars. The hate. The fear. The destruction of our planet, of our people, our brothers and…

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The Misfit to Maven Way

A misfit manifesto, code of conduct and commitment   My mission is to personally impact 100,000 misfits, but I’m not going to do it alone. We are the kickass and kind Misfits, and this is our Manifesto. Will you join me in living The Misfit to Maven Way®? In doing so you join a community…

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Stop feeling guilty! Your FREE simple how to guide

“oh for gawds sake just fucking own it!” Sometimes I want to scream at my clients. I don’t of course, whilst I am known for being a straight talking kickass coach, I am also kind; kindness is my religion in fact and you should know this before we begin. BUT, I find it so hard…

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57 ways to use your Wisdom / Really Good Question (oracle) cards

Maybe you have seen pictures of the Entrepreneur Enabler ‘Wisdom cards’ and ‘Really Good Question cards’ popping up on your Instagram feed. Maybe you already have other oracle cards and are looking for a new oracle deck or creative ways to use them. Maybe you’d like a life coach in your pocket, or maybe you…

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How is Being Stressed Good for Entrepreneurs?

This is part of a series about stress and resilience for stressed entrepreneurs. (More next week) There are types two of stress. Not all stress is created equal. Eu-stress is useful, Di-stress is distressing. Some stress, for limited periods of time is actually really GOOD. Without any stress, we would not be motivated or challenged into…

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