Claiming The Castle® Mastermind - A Wild Reclamation of Sovereignty

with Ebonie Allard

Grow Personally & Professionally. Expand in Confidence, Reconnect with Pleasure and Increase your Impact!

You've worked with coaches before; some were more like strategists, some mentors or more like consultants.

Some were good, some not so much - regardless they all helped you grow.

You've been to live events, done courses, trainings, and read all the books - in fact learning new stuff, having the smarts for something and getting the work done has never been an issue - you're far from lazy and if it was just about doing more, being more focused or consistent you'd be 'there' already.

And, you are sort of 'there'...

It's just that there's something missing, it's not just more time, or more money - it's less tangible, a feeling or energy... A sense, or confidence.

This feeling, the one you know better; the angst and inner exhaustion that creeps in when you think about increasing your empire, helping more people or having a greater impact is like it's trying to tell you that theres another way.

There has to be another way...

A way of being impeccable at what you do, whilst also having time for you.

Your issue if you're honest, is allowing, receiving, resting, enjoying, surrendering, being and leaning in.

It's about believing that more is possible while doing less.

It's about being powerful without exerting power over.

It's about what you'd do with all that free time.

It's about the guilt, fear, shame or panic that rise when you stop and think for too long.

It's about who you'd become if you were more successful and rose above that glass ceiling.

It's about how uncomfortable it is to effortlessly shine.

What others might think, or do.

You know that you are called to be a great leader, to be more, do more, have more and to help and direct others - it comes naturally to you, but you have a tendency to over do it and to burn yourself out.

After each big leap is a ping back or collapse.

You love what you do, so when you find yourself just doing one more bit of work at ten thirty at night, you shrug it off, until you do it one too many times, hit a wall and find yourself 'can't-get-out-of-bed' sick.

And you're done with this cycle, you're ready to create space and vitality and calm. You're ready to claim your place at the table.

You've done the work, you've earned it - You're ready for more consistency and ease.

Stop Striving and Start Thriving

Wanna be the Queen or King of your Kingdom?

(Then this is the Mastermind for you.)



An 11 month experience led explorative journey to the embodiment of powerful, innovative, conscious leadership (for Misfits & Mavens).

Apply today! Only 8 spots available!

Imagine living in your very own castle, with the magic of Avalon on your doorstep.

Imagine visiting The Tor and The Chalice Gardens, spending time in the Abbey and gathering ancient wisdoms.

Imagine swimming with Mermaids, exploring caves and labyrinths and feasting like royalty.

Imagine knowing what exactly kind of Sovereign leader you really are, and learning everything you need to know in order to govern in your own uniquely powerful way and be the badass king or kickass queen of your personal kingdom.

This is the Mastermind for you if you are committed to integrity. To authenticity. To truth. To your dreams. To true freedom. To living in line with your values. To enjoying a congruent, fulfilling life at your greatest potential and for the highest good. Its for you if you want to marry hustle with heart and really THRIVE!

This is the Mastermind for you if you are ready to Own the space you desire to occupy, without taking anything away from anyone else.

This Mastermind is a deep immersive experience. It’s for you if you’re done with playing small or fitting into someone else's definition of powerful or successful. If you're ready to find an easier, more natural & enjoyable way. If you KNOW that you’re getting in your own way and you’re ready to deep dive in and face your shadows so that you can grow in courage, confidence and trust and get past it, once and for all. It's for you if you're up for leaning in and discovering your true potential, doing some really BIG work, while having a hell of a lot of FUN!

Your Claiming the Castle® Mastermind includes:

  • Monthly 1:1 Coaching with Ebonie
  • Group Coaching Calls
  • Guest Trainers
  • An intimate hand-picked mastermind group
  • PLUS ** THREE UK Retreats (3 days and 4 nights) in our very own castle**
  • Staying in your own turret! With home-cooked, healthy meals fit for royalty.
  • Exclusive trips to Glastonbury, Bath, Cheddar Gorge and unspoilt, unknown treasure spots.
  • Unique & Magical Guests from Yogis to Mermaids and Beyond!
  • Moonlit Dancing & Fire Ceremonies
  • Deep dive into the eight pillars of The Misfit to Maven Way
  • Hotseat sessions with Ebonie
  • Access to M2M80 and a years membership of M2M360
  • Exclusive discounts and first look at any new packages, offers or products.

HUGE growth & up-leveling PLUS time to relax and recharge.

This Mastermind will be a blend of intensive process, inspiring curriculum, emotional healing and deep restorative work.

Your VIP retreat will take place in the beautiful West Country in our own private castle...

Your investment and application information:

The application period is 1st - 16th October.

If you apply and are accepted before 9th October you'll receive a complementary bonus makeover and photoshoot worth $3500!!

Investment: 12 monthly payments of $2400 or $28,000 pay-in-full

You don’t have to have a business or aspirations of ever owning one to benefit from this work or join this mastermind. If you want to be a powerful, sovereign, conscious leader, there is a place here for you!

Whats next?

Apply today Because you RULE!

Apply today, and we'll get back to you and set up a call to see if you're a fit for one of the 8 spots available.

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