Lucy Sheridan

I was feeling like I was struggling with being serious about my business – picking and choosing my to-do list without much focus. I had associated being organised and process led with being boring and working for ‘the man’ which I was tired of.

As a result of coaching with Ebonie I have now come home to the idea of ‘mastery’ and I’m feeling more confident than ever about my brand and business message. I do not shy away from being organised and this has materialised in the successes I’m enjoying and enabled me to fit in all the things I want to do personally and professionally.

I’m more chilled out and have moved from a place of ‘making it happen’ to ‘letting it happen’. It’s given my plans a great boost and I feel really clear on where I want to be and have let go of the pressure of timings.

If you are growing your businesses, are open to a mindful approach to coaching and are ready to get results – if you are looking for a partner, and a cheerleader then I recommend Ebonie wholeheartedly!

Lucy Sheridan The Comparison Coach and co-founder of #higherselfie
Bev Maxted

I came to Ebonie because I lacked clarity on what I wanted to do, I was unsure how to combine my different skills and areas of interest into a coherent business proposition.

Ebonie listened to my ‘waffle’, cut through it and pulled out the key messages. She was incredibly supportive and understanding.

Together we reflected on past experiences, overcame some blocks allowing me to move into my own ‘space’. I needed to complete this work before I could really define my proposition.

I started out with a mixture of Corporate Training and Personal Coaching. I have reached a point now where I’m comfortable and confident offering an integrated personal development programme, combining coaching, healing and the occasional bit of woo-woo!

As a result of this work, I can now tell people what I offer in a clear, confident manner. I have clients in the areas I really want to work in and I have developed a network of mutually supportive people who mutually provide services to each other and are fun to be around.

I just loved spending time with Ebonie! She was kind (but not too soft), really listened to me and we had a lot of fun while achieving loads.

Bev Maxted founder of Progress Through Change
Hayley Rogers

“I was struggling mainly with balance. I was trying to be everything to everyone and that meant that I had literally no idea who ‘Hayley’ was! I had a business idea and I knew it could work, but the reality of adding more to my workload terrified me!

Misfit to Maven in 80 Days was such a mixture. There was excitement, nervousness, empowerment and a lot of tears! I loved the process!

I signed up almost spontaneously as it felt like the right time to invest in myself.

Three jobs and three kids meant that there wasn’t much time for reflection…or so I thought! Through the workbooks I became aware of my self and it was quite an eye opener…I love ‘Hayley’ and feel so proud that she is back out there in the big wide world. The level understanding from Ebonie is phenomenal…she has been through so much herself that M2M80 is a judgement free zone and I felt able to communicate with a sense of freedom that was really refreshing. I loved being a misfit, but being a Maven rocks even more!

As a result of M2M80 I am profitable like never before…I challenged myself to earn enough profit to cover the cost of the program before the 80 days was up. I managed to earn over and above the amount…which I had never achieved before in the same time period.

One of my goals was to have the website set up for my business. Which was just an idea at the very initial stage when I first started M2M80 and now, even after many trials, tribulations and tears it is ready to go to customer testing. I never thought the turnaround would be this quick and feel that M2M80 gave me purpose, self belief and the ability to set and meet goals which stretched out of my comfort zone.

My business exists and has a strong brand and set of values which I truly believe fit with me and my idea of my business.

I loved the initial call when I felt that ‘click’ with Ebonie and I knew that she would get me. There was a feeling of acceptance and it was refreshing. No facade for me as I felt able to be open and honest. I also loved the value filter session, even though it was a pretty raw experience!

I felt so incredibly emotional, as I had resisted a deep, long forgotten connection to my self, but I knew it would be okay as there was light on the other side and Ebonie was there to guide me!

If a friend, family member or colleague said to me, “ So, how’d it go with Ebonie Allard, anyway? Should I reach out to her?”— I would tell them this:

YES! It is definitely about more than business…I feel like I have reconnected with myself, who may have inadvertently been ignored and suppressed for quite sometime (sorry about that self…I didn’t mean to, but I got so busy and distracted!) The encouragement from Ebonie rings in my ears and when she states ‘all of you is welcome here’ she isn’t lying, not even one teeny-tiny little bit. Jump in, be brave and let the hilarious adventure begin…..

Lastly I just want to say THANK YOU. I am so bloody excited about what the future has in store xxx”

Hayley Rogers Owner, Fauxlaroids
Siobhan Donnas

I came across Ebonie through another group and was really pulled in by her approach to life! When she started this page for Misfits – I was sold. That’s been me my whole life!
I have been so stuck with my business and doing nothing to move things forward, just didn’t know what direction I was going in. I spoke to Ebonie and just knew her kick ass attitude was what I needed!
We met for an accelerator day where she pinpointed my values which made me look at my business and life a lot differently, smashed out some limiting beliefs and we planned my whole 2016!!!! Since that day I feel like I have had a kick up the butt and feel like I’ve got a clear canvas to start working on! It’s a joyous feeling to have a clear vision.
I’ve joined the Misfit to Maven in 80 days and so excited to get started; work with a group of other misfits and really start working on my vision and put everything into action!
Ebonie, thank you for being your awesome self and thank you for supporting me to face my fears and start making my dreams a reality

Siobhan Donnas
Lucie Watts

Ebonie has a wonderful way of creating a coaching environment that is both supportive and inspirational in equal measure. I have felt more and more confident and curious to challenge my limiting beliefs and start to imagine just how high I could soar without them. I’m now trusting my intuition and have noticed a new momentum with my work; new projects and collaborators that have appeared as if by magic. Ebonie is an incredibly observant and skilled people person, she has a genuine interest and care.

Lucie Watts Production Manager
Jo Behari

I loved my coaching session with Ebonie, I felt motivated and inspired afterwards as well as gaining clarity around my future direction. Ebonie was empathetic and encouraging, extremely supportive but challenged and pushed me in the right areas. She put me at ease immediately and I felt I could open up in a relaxed non-judgemental environment. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ebonie.

Jo Behari Entrepreneur
Rafal Gorka

Ebonie helped me clarify both my professional and personal goals. She used a lot of different techniques which I found very appropriate to the situation. Her approach is very friendly and firm at the same time. She managed to build an astonishing level of rapport and I felt surprisingly comfortable discussing personal topics.

Rafal Gorka Quality Manager / Coach, Johnson Matthey
Natalie Wells

In my very first session Ebonie helped me uncover a huge block to my productivity and I now feel more in control and able to achieve my goals. She is straight-talking yet with a heart of gold and I enjoyed every session with her. Thanks Ebonie!

Natalie Wells Founder of Ambitious Goddess Co.
Moyra Scott

Before we started working together I was feeling a bit stuck and unsure how to proceed. I do three different things and I wanted to bring them together but I wasn’t sure how. I also needed to find ways to get more clients.

Now, the different work I do is being brought together in one place and I feel really good about this. I am no longer stuck and I know what I have to do. In fact I have I have a whole host of things to do and work on and this feels really good. I feel really energised. I am building a new website and working on my personal branding including all sides of my work and me.

I would recommend you to anyone who is a bit stuck and who needs some compassionate encouragement – Entrepreneurs who have different strings to their bow and are unsure on how to deal with them all.

Thank you, Ebonie.  Your work has been subtle and yet deep. I feel I have gone internal for a while and come out shifted. Perhaps this is what I needed to do, which is why I called on you for help – You have helped and it was a pleasure working with you.

Moyra Scott
Natalie Costa

I started working with Ebonie because I wanted to gain clarity with regards to my coaching business. I felt overwhelmed and unsure of where to begin. I wanted clear steps in place to reach my greater vision. I chose to enroll in 80 Days to AHHH and now, I am clearer on my values, my why and I am able to focus on one aspect at a time, rather than trying to accomplish it all at once! I feel able to slow down and enjoy being in the NOW, rather than feel as though I should always be on the go ‘doing’ something.

Natalie Costa
Emma 'Peach' Berry

Joining Ebonie’s program has played such a key role in helping to build my confidence and recognise my skills as a business owner.  Her 80 Days Program allows you to set clear and equal focus on areas that you feel are strengths and weaknesses and work at a suitable pace.  Ebonie has been a great help as a motivating and encouraging force.  The service she offers is unique and I would recommend anyone who may be struggling with confidence or skills in any area of their business, to take up her offer of a free consultation, she may be just the Entrepreneurial Fairy Godmother you need.

Emma 'Peach' Berry Author and Make-Up Artist 'The Painted Peach'.

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