Catalysing Cultural Change.

It is my mission to positively disrupt the future of work, by allowing your people to shine as individuals and as teams.

I believe that when we teach sovereignty and unpack the attributes of an abundance mindset, model inclusion and lead with compassion we can empower and allow really kickass content to emerge.

To this end, I love working with unusual teams to instil a culture of "I'm okay: You're okay" which creates win: win situations for all players.

This in turn creates fertile ground for creativity, innovation, collaboration and kindness; birthing the creation of all sorts of richness and wealth.


Some of the Companies who have hired me to help them create cultural change or do something differently include:

  • Very good workshop that opened up my eyes to ways of coping and achieving clarity in my work.
    Paper Arts
  • Thank you for such an insightful workshop that helped me feel more confident and decide what work I should and shouldn't take on.
    Paper Arts

I can be hired to facilitate team meetings, deliver a range of bespoke coaching, training and workshops. I create experiences to get you thinking differently, explore, develop or change culture, and increase emotional intelligence.

For more information, to discuss content availability and fee structure please contact me.