Are you feeling ARGH about your business or your life?

You are intelligent, you're motivated, and you work hard - but it's just not working out as you had hoped. There's not enough time or space for everything you are trying to do! You've done fine on your own until now, but you're tired and ready for some help!

You are unique and you want someone who gets that to help you work out whats next. You want to do what you do, but create more time and expansion to enjoy it!

I've been where you are and I want to help you create a business & a life as individual as you are, that feels GREAT inside and out!

No cookie cutter coaching here!

Its time to be the King or Queen of your Kingdom.

I can help you feel more AHHH! about it all.....

Want to see my Corporate offerings instead?

Your options to work with me:

Because there are different needs at each stage of the game, I have two 1:1 packages designed to give you the best support possible based on where you are on your journey. I work with people face to face & virtually.

The options range from a short, sharp, shock to a slower, longer, more in depth dive.

All my 1:1 packages start with a retreat VIP (very intense process) day - Emersion experiences are unlike any other learning and mean that the results are long term and on a deep core level.

All my 1:1 packages are by application and I only work with a very limited amount of people at once to make sure I can give you my full focus.

WAKE UP is a short sharp shock.

KICK ASS is for those of you who are ready to up-level in every area of your life

From time to time I offer small group VIP days and mini retreats. Contact me to find out more.

No matter where you are on your journey from Misfit to Maven - M2M80 my signature & licensed coaching programme provides the framework for you to get from ARGH to AHHH in business and in life, without hustle -in 80 days.

If you're feeling isolated and alone, like no one really gets you then M2M360 takes it to the next level and is the BEST way to get ongoing support, courage, clarity, confidence and community!

Misfit to Maven 360º - offers on-going support, weekly coaching calls, my signature coaching syllabus, guest trainings and so much more!

Whether you work with me or another coach 1:1 and supplement with this incredible mastermind meets membership, or only do this, I encourage you everyone to join!

I am so passionate about this community that I am currently subsidising the fees for this membership meets mastermind, so that I get to see you THRIVE...

Find out more about M2M360 HERE.

Find out more abut M2M80 HERE.

Not ready for any of those?

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