Just a little thought provoking nudge from me to you.... you're welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

1. Are you doing what you truly want to be doing?

2. How many promises have you made and how many have you kept?

3. Will you break the rules because of something / someone you care about?

4. What can't you let go of but know you should?

5. Who or what did you hate 10 years ago? Does it matter now?

6. If you die now, what would you regret?

7. Are you afraid of making mistakes even though there are no punishments?

8. Whats the difference between you and most people? What have you got in common?

9. Do you like who you are?

10. Lets say that tomorrow is the end of the world, how will you spend today?


when you read these questions, what came up for you? What did you think about?


xoxo E


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