March was Women’s History Month and to celebrate it, I made a list of 31 inspiring misfit women, one for each day.

Picking just 31 was TOUGH, there are so many incredible women who have done and are doing great things in the world.

When I wrote my list I chose to pick women who have specifically meant something to me, or who uphold my vision of what it means to be a misfit woman.

So what does it mean to be a misfit woman?

A misfit is someone who does not conform to the expectations of the society in which they live. Someone who knows that they are different; too creative, too innovative, too geeky and too full of heart to disengage from the truth of who we are as kickass and kind humans.

Misfits are wild seekers and radically responsible action-takers. They are courageous and they are bold, they have magic in them and although fear courses through their veins they will not allow it to overcome them.

They resist, they persist and they be the change that they want to see in the world.

A woman is anyone who identifies as one. Anyone who chooses to live as a woman. Anyone who knows in her heart, mind and gut that she is of feminine essence first and foremost.

As part of this celebration of inspirational misfit women, as you can see, I also drew and painted these incredible ladies and now we’re going to make a limited number of prints so that you can enjoy and celebrate them too.

25% of the profits from all our Misfit Maven Me store prints go to women’s charities as chosen by Team Misfit each month.

**And don’t forget, if you’d like to purchase a Dame Judi Dench print, a Vivienne Westwood print, a Maya Angelou print, a Skin print, a Frida Kahlo print, or a Stevie Nicks print, please visit ‘My Art‘ section of my shop today!**

* * * * *

The 2019 Inspirational Women chosen by me are (in no particular order):

(…and for a little bit of the story behind each of these misfit women, and why they made my list, click on them!)





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