57 ways to use your Wisdom / Really Good Question (oracle) cards

Maybe you have seen pictures of the our ‘Wisdom cards’ and ‘Really Good Question cards’ popping up on your Instagram feed.

Maybe you already have other oracle cards and are looking for a new oracle deck or creative ways to use them.

Maybe you’d like a life coach in your pocket, or maybe you just like reading fun lists!

This list is to get you started with ideas on how to use yours, I’d love to have you add some more in the comments, and I’d love to see pictures of yours!

  1. As a bookmark to give you an extra jolt of inspiration whenever you pick up your current read.
  2. Leave individual cards on the tube, in the park, in a bookstore for strangers to find
  3. Ask a question and cut the deck, pulling on at random and heed the wisdom: Like a magic 8 ball
  4. Pick one from the pack at random and use it as a prompt to free write in your journal.
  5. As BFF love notes – send a pack or one or two individual cards to a friend in the mail with a handwritten note about why you picked that one.
  6. Pick one at random and use it as a mantra while you meditate.
  7. Pick a wisdom card and say the affirmation out loud while making eye contact with yourself in the mirror
  8. Keep them on your altar
  9. Use them like flipping a coin with tough choices, to see how you really feel.
  10. Feeling uninspired? Use them as a source of inspiration and a way of starting a blog piece, or your next piece of writing.
  11. Mix them in with your tarot cards or other oracle cards when you do a traditional card spread, they often add a deeper meaning or new dimension to your reading.
  12. Send them as a thank you when a client buys something from you.
  13. Use them to find an interesting question to ask at speed dating
  14. Use them as an ice breaker at a party
  15. Or when conversation goes stale on a first date
  16. Instead of a joke in a Christmas cracker
  17. Hide one in your partner’s lunch box to brighten their day
  18. Sit quietly at the start of your day and pull one of each as a daily business focus
  19. A way to start conversation with the person behind you in the post office queue
  20. As the quote of the day
  21. As the question of the day
  22. As your next dinner party topic of conversation
  23. To understand or interpret your dreams
  24. As a distraction during a boring play
  25. As a pep talk after a bad day
  26. Simple snap cards when your 3 year old nephew comes to visit
  27. As a tooth pick (ok, maybe not)
  28. To baffle cold callers
  29. To build a mouse, a house
  30. As a love note left on a pillow
  31. To slip into a stranger’s pocket
  32. To cheer up the grumpy waitress
  33. When you can’t think what to write in a birthday card
  34. As inspirational art – frame your favourite!
  35. Put one in a glass bauble for a festive mantra
  36. Use them as place settings at a special event
  37. Invent your own card game
  38. Add them to your vision board or to your scrapbook
  39. Fix a wobbly table in a cafe
  40. When you need to draw a straight line
  41. Write your number on one as an emergency business card
  42. Pull one of each and identify where your intuition lies
  43. When you’ve forgotten your spoon for your yoghurt
  44. When you don’t know where to start, these will help identify your priorities
  45. To start a game of chinese whispers
  46. To identify your limiting beliefs
  47. As a topic of conversation with your therapist, coach or counsellor
  48. Craft them into inspirational bunting for your office.
  49. Pick one to select an affirmation for the week and repeat it to yourself while you brush your teeth.
  50. Select one for a client to bring focus and insight into your work together that day.
  51. Stick one in your wallet as a reminder of what’s important to you before grabbing your debit card.
  52. Create a frame around your mirror with them so you’re surrounded by kind words every time you look in it.
  53. Leave one with your tip when you pay for a meal
  54. Hand them out at conferences or networking events to incite interesting conversation and have people remember you.
  55. Use them as favours at your wedding
  56. As a stocking filler
  57. Read them when you’re feeling blue to remind you what’s important.

If reading this list of how to use your oracle cards has gotten your imagination going, why not buy your own pack and please come back and tell me how you are using yours!

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