I have discovered the lies and the truths that will set you free.

They are applicable to life and to business and M2M80 my online programme (DIY or in a small group supported by me) covers the 8 principles which I now live by, in detail.

For a taster go sign up for my free 8 day ecourse  but because I know how busy you are, I want to share with you a summary of it all, so you get the general gist.

My 8 principles reveal 7 lies and 7 truths most of us are accidentally living by. Taking note of these will change your life for the better:

Step one: From numbness to AWARENESS

The LIE is: No one wants to hear the bad stuff.

The TRUTH is: Your vulnerability is what makes you attractive.

The principle is AWARENESS – the work is an ongoing exploration…

Ponder on this, the last time someone shared a vulnerability with you did you feel more or less connected with them? More right? Connection is what makes relationships, vulnerability is beautiful and powerful.

Step two: From apathy to ASPIRATION

The LIE is: People will hate me if I have it all.

The TRUTH is: The more you have, the more you have to give.

The principle is ASPIRATION – we will continue to birth new desires, again and again

We get in our own way, we have out-dated and limited beliefs that we will somehow change or be treated differently if we have everything we have ever wanted. The thing is that money only amplifies who you already are, and the people in your life worth engaging with will be happy for you not threatened. You may lose people along the way, (you may not) and you will find more, people who support and encourage you and who are on the same path. When you have it all, when your cup is full you will have so much more to give, so what are you waiting for ASPIRE to greatness!! Dream as BIG as you want – there’s less competition at the top, and equally have no small dream shame, your dream is valid and perfect how ever big, small, near or far from where you are right now.

Step 3: Judgement and ACCEPTANCE

The LIE is: There is a right way and a wrong way.

The TRUTH is: There is no one size fits all.

The principle is ACCEPTANCE – we all have work to do in this area

Judgement gets a bad rap, lets be clear about this – your judgements are what have kept you safe. AND at the same time making quick judgements based on old or bad information isn’t great. Be watchful of your mindset, of how closed minded you are being. Understand and ACCEPT that you have control over YOUR thoughts, beliefs, behaviour and reactions and NO ONE ELSE’s. There is no right or wrong way, trust yourself and find your own path!

Step 4: From apathy to ACTION

The LIE is: Hard work is all it takes OR If I believe it enough it’ll happen for me.

The TRUTH is: Inspired action is the only action worth taking.

The principle is ACTION – are you a do-er or a be-er by default?

Abraham Lincoln is quoted as saying “If you gave me six hours to chop a tree, I’d spend the first four sharpening my axe.” Preparation and analysis is SO important. Taking steps that will propel you forward, rather than taking action for the sake of being busy. BEING is just as valid and useful as DOING sometimes, and similarly ‘Perfection is the enemy of done’ – what are you waiting for?

Step 5: From blame to ACCOUNTABILITY.

The LIE is: It’s not my fault.

The TRUTH is: Life is happening for you to not you.

The principle is ACCOUNTABILITY – self responsibility is an ongoing life long pursuit.

Throughout all of the trials and difficulties that life throws our way it is easy to blame our circumstances or our lack of resources for the situations we find our selves in, but what if we are here to learn? What if it’s all just an experience and the lesson is in learning to stay true to ourselves and ask for help when we need it and not blame but simply ‘be’ with the discomfort??


The LIE is: Praise or acknowledgement from others means I have made it.

The TRUTH is: The more I love my decisions the less I need others to.

The principle is ACKNOWLEDGEMENT – Feedback over failure / no win:lose, choose win:win

Taking time to acknowledge your own journey, successes and failures (or feedback) is essential. Top performers celebrate the small wins, each piece of progress is marked and acknowledged. How will you acknowledge yourself?

Step 7: From criticism to APPRECIATION.

The LIE is: When I have ‘X’ or when I am ‘X’ I will be happy.

 The TRUTH is: Your definition of success sucks!!

The principle is APPRECIATION – cultivating an attitude of gratitude is to go against our human negativity bias, so requires ‘work’.

Happiness is not a destination, it is a day to day thing. It’s there in the mundane, in the details. It’s all about a decision to be happy now, choosing joy in each moment, achieved with an attitude of gratitude.

For more on my 7 steps and for practical exercises and tips and tools have a look at my FREE 8 Day ecourse  or M2M80 where I cover all this in MUCH more depth.

Ebonie xoxo


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