7 Truths about accountability

One of the main things people tell me most often that they want help and support with is Accountability.

In the last few days I’ve been chatting with people who have said: 

"I just want to feel supported, feel a sense of connection with a community of people who are positive and on the same page, resulting in momentum and ultimately flow and joy."


"I’ve been ‘starting’ my business for six years… It’s time for that to change. I want to take it seriously now and make a difference in the world. I need accountability."

So, I thought I’d share some truths about Accountability.

Accountability doesn't happen just by chance.


Hoping that you’ll hold yourself accountable isn’t a strategy. Expecting someone else to hold you accountable, and not taking responsibility for your own accountability isn’t an accountable strategy either. The thing about Accountability is that it must be implemented to ‘be.’

How are you implementing Accountability in your life for the things that matter to you?


If you haven’t DECIDED to be accountable no one else can make the decision for you or take ownership of YOUR accountability. You get to actively take responsibility for your own accountability.

Accountability is not a one-time thing.

You don’t get to tick it off your checklist one time and never look back. Its not a one and done kinda thing. Accountability is an ongoing process and gets to be built into your routines and daily habits in order for it to be truly implemented.

You can’t be selectively accountable and be in integrity

You can’t say "I’m holding myself accountable today" and then change your mind if its raining or your best friend comes to town. You’re either in, or you're not fully in integrity.

Accountability cannot be delegated or outsourced.

Ultimately no one else can do it for you. You can have someone encourage you, you can have someone engage in reflection with you or check in and witness you, but no one can do it for you. It's not really something that you can outsource entirely. 

Accountability is the difference between success and failure

You won’t succeed unless you engage with commitment energy and ultimately thats what accountability is. If you want to succeed, theres a frequency of accountability that you get to tune into.

Accountability doesn’t have to be boring.

It doesn’t have to be boring, you don’t have to do it alone. You get to make a commitment and be all in, WITH OTHER PEOPLE and in a way that feels exciting and fun for you!

One of the reasons 'M2M365' works so well is that we vibe off each others accountability and help each other constantly reconnect with our own personal accountability. The people I was chatting to above, they have both joined, because they're serious about holding themselves accountable.

 Are you?

Whats your relationship with Accountability like?

Would you like to be Accountable AND have fun?

Come join M2M365, now is a great time to join and I cannot wait to help you get started today!


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