BE KIND is what I call my 'Maven Mastery' 1:1 Coaching Package.

BE KIND is the TRUE ROMANCE of coaching packages.

All my 1:1 coaching experiences include at least one VIP Day with me.

My VIP days are for you if you want to experience a deep exploration of what gets to come next!

These Very Intense Process days are built to shake you awake and cheerlead and challenge you into alignment and congruence with your true self, so that you leave with crystal clear clarity about where you are now, where you want to be, and how you are going to get there!

BE KIND starts with an in person or online VIP day.

(Unless you have already done WAKE UP.)

If you're ready to expand into your fullness.

If you dream of making a bigger impact.

If you sometimes find yourself daydreaming about being more creative, having more fun, and living in brighter colours - BE KIND is for you.

If you want to be calm, clear, confident and courageous.

If you crave days upon days of flow and being in the zone.

If you want the courage to play all out, and be the KICK ASS and KIND version of yourself in all areas of your life and live authentically without burning out.

If you want someone on your team to brainstorm with, to cheerlead and challenge you, to be a mirror and reflect back both your shadows and your glorious divinity.

Be honest, you know that you have so much more to show the world. There are depths that are waiting to be tapped and wildness looking to be harnessed and used for good.

I've been were you are now, I know that you're ready to level the F❤︎ck Up and explore the reaches of your infinite possibilities, so that you can have even better relationships, create more wealth, and make an even more meaningful impact.

You've opened the door to abundance and limitless living and you know that there is so much more to explore.

You're reluctantly ready to be one of the 1%, one of the radically responsible change-makers and innovative proactive players, shining their light and being the change that we wish to see in the world!

BUT and it is a big but right now, there are internal and external obstacles or blocks in the way and you need help navigating them with courage, compassion and creativity.

You long for someone you respect and trust, who gets it, someone who'll inspire, coach support you as you develop wild confidence, own all of your parts, lean into your new identity and embody your zone of true genius.

Doing the BE KIND coaching package with me is for you if you are ready to claim your power and be the kick ass and kind, compassionate, courageous and creative adult that this world needs you to be.

Its for you if you know in your heart that its time to live liminally in all the spaces.

Its for you if you're ready to BE KINDNESS PERSONIFIED - (In the most KICK ASS way!) 

Its for you if:

  • You have a high level of awareness of yourself and others.
  • You are great at living in the now and have found ways of accessing your zone of genius, but you don’t always see a return on your investments.
  • You believe everything happens for a reason, and you know that the universe has got your back. (But knowing it cognitively and feeling it / believing it are different)
  • You believe that when you're aligned then the right set of circumstances, the right people appear - everything aligns with ease. You’d like to create more of these situations, please.

Its for you if you are committed to integrity. To authenticity. To truth. To your dreams. To true freedom. To living in line with your values. To living a congruent, fulfilling life at your greatest potential and highest good. Its for you if you want to marry hustle with heart and really THRIVE!

The BE KIND package, is an exciting pattern interrupt and an intensive overhaul where we redefine and refine your work and personal life so you get to have it all…

Its for you if you are ready for an identity upgrade from the inside out and desire your life to truly feel as good on the inside as it perhaps looks on the outside.

  • You'll go from over excited and overwhelmed to true manifestation mastery and consistency!
  • You’ll move from working HARD to working in FLOW.. (Tonnes more TIME freedom)
  • You'll remove the blocks currently stopping you from experiencing the growth and abundance you have worked so hard for.
  • You'll learn how to maintain balance, ease, and flow in your life which means that you can enjoy your business and your personal life in equal measure
  • You'll be able to look in the mirror and be super f❤︎cking proud of the person you see!
  • You'll know exactly what your next steps are and where to focus your intention and attention
  • We'll spend time listening to and honouring your head, your heart and your gut!

This package (when available) comes tailored especially for you, with 1 or 2 VIP days and in a 9 month container.

So, what's it really like?

The Be Kind package includes:

  • At least one VIP [Very Intense Process] Accelerator Day.
  • A chance to explore how the next iteration of you acts, walks, talks, breathes, behaves, believes. (etc)
  • Your very own Value Filter™ so that you always know if something is a YES or a NO for you, and feel completely confident that you are making decisions that are right for you
  • You’ll learn my 8A Principles™ - Easy principles for you to use in any area of your life, for life!
  • Now / Future plan - We'll map it all out in detail so you have a plan of exactly what you need to do and when to achieve your desired outcomes. There will be no more guessing or getting caught up in busy work. You’ll understand exactly what actions are going to have the most impact.
  • 9 months of 1:1 support from me for tough love and accountability to keep you on track, as well as the ability to pick my brain. Over the years I’ve invested tens of thousands of £€$’s in my own development and by working with me you’ll be getting access to all of that training and development.
  • Lifetime Access to M2M(f) plus tonnes of extra trainings and workbooks as appropriate
  • 9 months access to M2M360.

PLUS a personalised box of goodies handpicked to make your journey magical!

(Taking applications now.)

Your Investment: $24k / £18k

- Payment plan options available.

Apply NOW!

Fill in your name and email and we'll get back you to asap.

Apply today! What will it cost you not to?

So, you’re clear on what coaching is and what it isn’t (see my FAQs for more on that!) and you’re ready to start really living your life? - HELL YES, get in touch and lets get you booked in!

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