BE KIND is the TRUE ROMANCE of coaching packages.

It's for you if you want to move beyond connection to LOVE. If you want to dive down the rabbit hole and enter a whole new paradigm.

I have been there! I get that you've got an upper limit issue and whilst mostly you're thriving there's the odd sneaky side swipe that you would like to explore with curiosity and kindness.

You have a high level of awareness of yourself and others.

You are great at living in the now and have found ways of accessing your zone of genius, but you don’t always have a plan and ROI or strategy can at times elude you.

You believe everything happens for a reason, and you know that the universe has a bigger plan that you can’t always see. (But knowing it cognitively and feeling it / believing it are different)

You believe that when you're aligned then the right set of circumstances, right people appear - everything aligns with ease. You’d like to create more of these situations please.

Its for you if you are committed to self love. To your dreams. To true freedom. To your values. To living to your greatest potential and highest good. Its for you if you want a more feminine and ‘lets see where this goes’ way of working.

BE KIND: £4850 (Can be made in 6 payments)

- Limited availability

Whats next?

So, you think you’re clear on what coaching is and what it isn’t (see my FAQs for more on that!) and you’re ready to bite overwhelm in the bum! Instead of brain fog and panic you want clarity and manageable, motivating action steps. You want someone who really gets it to give you straight talking no nonsense insight and feedback, allowing you to move forward with passion and purpose…

To find out exactly what is included and the specific benefits that you'll see in your life book in for a complementary session (usually charged at £125) Only 1 per person.

Book a free Clarity Activator Session!

I have a limited number of (free) Clarity Activator Sessions each month.

During these sessions I’ll deep dive into your business and life and guide you on where you need to focus to move from ARGH to AHHH!

This is your chance to feel confident about where your business is heading and finally once and for all create a life where you can accelerate adventure, catalyse connection and magnetize money.

At the end of the call you’ll walk away with at least one action step, and whilst this is a pitch free call, if it is appropriate I’ll explain how we might work together if that's something that interests you.

Book a Clarity Activator Session!

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