“ARGH I’m so overwhelmed by everything I have to get done and I don’t know where to focus? What should I be prioritising?”

I get asked this question A LOT.

And like the business coaching I do, there is no cookie cutter answer.

Every single one of my clients is unique. They have their own personal style and voice. Their life experiences allow them to view the world with their particular perspective. How they articulate, present and deliver what it is that they offer their clients and customers is how only they can!

BUT, there are some key areas that every single business needs to be focusing on and prioritising.

Yes, each stage of business requires a fresh perspective and a new focus.

Yes, each stage of business requires different skills and activities.

Yes, each stage of business requires you to be a different CEO.

Which means that there is a continual newness, which can be inspiring and fun, but it can feel overwhelming unless you are clear what to focus on.

So how do you know what YOU should be focusing on in your business right now?

Well, my first answer is always going to be “Invest in working with someone who can help you to know the answer to this in a very personalised way.”

But, if you want to go it alone, let me share with you the 4 day-to-day sections of business and the 4 growth stages of business so that you know where to be focusing right now!

In each business there are just FOUR day-to-day sections you need to be working on:

  1. Admin

  2. Marketing

  3. Sales

  4. Delivery

Every, single, day, or at least each week you need to be spending your time on each one of these areas.

What percentage of your time is spent on what, will vary dependant on where what phase of business development you are in. There are 4 phases of growth in business.

Phase 1 is GRIND or START UP

This is where the business or idea is in its early stages.

You are not sure what you know and what you don’t know yet. Everything is new. It might be that whole business is fresh or it might be a new project, offshoot, product or service.

THE FOCUS is on trying everything to see what sticks. Working out “will it fly?” by testing and turning assumptions into facts.

Its where you’ll be figuring out WHAT you so, for WHO, and HOW to deliver it. Every single time you figure a piece of the puzzle out you’ll feel (and deservedly so) elated and a sense of enormous accomplishment.

Phase 2 is HUSTLE or RAMP UP

This is where you have a business plan. You know what you do, for how, how and now its time to let people know you exist.

THE FOCUS is on getting known. This phase is all about making friends and connections, and your first profit.

Focus on finding peers and partnering up on JV’s. Guest blogging. Giving your prospects samples. Gathering testimonials and social proof. This is the bit where it can start to feel HARD and ENDLESS, unless you get yourself a community. You need those water cooler moments and people who get it to compare notes with. Go find them!


This is where you suddenly feel like even if you were an octopus you still wouldn’t have enough hands to juggle all the moving parts. As your business grows and you have real life situations to deal with. Everything feels urgent and important.

THE FOCUS is on systemising and automating. Its time to develop your SOP’s, templates and standardise the responses to all the FAQ’s.

It’s time to hire in some help and teach them how everything works so that you can stop wasting your genius and get back to the work that only you can do.

Phase 4 is FLOW or MATURITY.

This is where the business finally makes a profit easily and where the focus is on you moving yourself out of the day to day. Where you have outsourced those areas that are not your zone of genius.

THE FOCUS is on delivery and development. Its time to hone your craft. Notice what’s next. Where do you feel creatively waning? Its time to focus on feedback from your clients, team, all the external AND most importantly its time to connect to your source and ask “and what now?”

Its time to acknowledge how far you’ve come, what you’ve achieved and start thinking about what you desire to create next. What new product, service or project will keep you ahead of the curve, connected to your joy and have you excited again?

As with all cycles, once you have the idea, you’re back in phase one with this new area.
What phase are you in? 

Which section do you need to spend more time on in your day-today?


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