I love being my own boss, and being a freedom seeking digital nomad is THE BEST! I wouldn’t change it for the world – except for all those times I have found myself with the business owner blues and told myself I’d be better off getting a ‘proper job’.

I’m guessing you an relate?

I have good news though, it is not about whether or not you get into a funk, it’s about what you do when you find yourself there. Everyone has days where EVERYTHING SUX!!

  • It’s true, but what do you do on those days?
  • Do you stay there and eat pie?
  • Do you tell yourself you’re a failure?
  • Do you wade through your favourite blogs and social media sites and compare and despair?

Here are 5 simple steps to getting rid of the business owner blues:

1. Breathe

Go some place quiet. In nature if the weather allows. Bring your attention to your breath, notice your inhalation and your exhalation. Breathe in and out through your nose; your mouth closed but relaxed. Make your inhale and your exhale equal in duration, smooth and easy in consistency. As you bring attention to your breath it naturally slows, relaxing you, calming you. Breathing deeply and mindfully helps stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system to trigger the release of hormones to decrease blood pressure and heart rate, inducing a full body relaxation response. Notice this calm. Think of the sound and pace of waves lapping against the sea shore. Notice that as you breath in your belly rises and as you exhale it falls. What else do you notice? As you concentrate on the rhythm of your breathing have your thoughts slowed too? What do you need? Remember that space creates space. Time spent thinking will give you clarity and make your actions clear, concise and inspired.  Stay here and just focus on being; concentrate on your breath until you are ready to do something.


2. Get clear on why

On a clean sheet of paper write the one thing that you want most right now. This can be general or really specific.
Maybe it’s I want more money.
Underneath write “why?”
Then underneath that answer your own question.
for example; Because I want to buy nice things.
Then underneath your answer write “because” and then write the answer underneath that;
I want to be surrounded by beautiful things that remind me of the beauty in the world.
Beautiful things make me feel good about myself
Deep down I know that I am beautiful and having these things around will remind me of that when I am not feeling it.
When I am feeling good about myself, I am creative, and passionate and purposeful.
When I am passionate and purposeful, I help others feel this way too.

Keep going until you are really clear on what you want and why you want it.

Underneath it there is a feeling, a feeling you want…

Calm? Comfortable? Significant? Important? Worthy? Exciting?

Doing this will help you focus on what is important to you right now.

Getting clear on your motivation creates power and energy and with that energy comes inspiration, with that inspiration comes a desire to DO something and what to do will suddenly come to you. (You have all the answers to all your questions. You really do know what the next best thing to do for you, right now is.


3. Trust and forgive yourself.


Maybe you’ve gotten the business owner blues because you need to hear something that your intuition is whispering quietly to you. Shhh, listen. What’s it trying to tell you? Can you hear the tune?


4. Do something FUN!

Do something that will make your feel the thing you want to feel. If you want the money in order to feel comfortable, go and do something that makes you feel comfortable. If you want to feel significant, how else can you feel that way? Now? Like right now – There is something you can do that is within your control that will create that feeling. Go do that. Feel the feeling, get happy, change your physiology!! If all else fails, put on your favourite dancing song – even if you don’t want to hear it right now, and let it grab hold of you…. now DANCE, and SMILE!!


5. Do just one thing

Now that you are feeling good. Do one small thing. The trick is not to jump five steps ahead, but to do that one next thing. The one inspired action that creates momentum. The very notion of the domino effect or butterfly effect is that when you do that one small thing, there is a change in energy, something moves, things will develop and then the next piece will present itself to you. Just focus on that one next step. What one thing can you do now? Pick one thing. Just one. Decide when you are going to do it, be exact. Be realistic, pick something you can do that will provide a quick win. Go on. Go do it.

Ebonie xoxo

p.s tell us your dancing song in the comments below, lets share and make a beat the business blues playlist!


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