Claiming The Castle® - The Retreat! Life & Leadership Coaching for Misfits

Become the kickass King or confident Queen of your healthy, wealthy, thriving kingdom!

with Ebonie Allard

Grow Personally & Professionally. Expand in Confidence, Reconnect with Pleasure and Increase your Impact!

You're a creative, consultant, coach, trainer, therapist or healer.

You're making a living from your work, but you'd like to make a greater impact, and help more people, without burning out.

You're ready to level up, but that means becoming more confident, more courageous, more calm and having a level of clarity that you're just not sure HOW to achieve without hustling or doing more!

But you know that there must be a way....

You know that you're being asked to be more, do more, have more and to help more people.

Leading, and getting sh*t done comes naturally to you, but you have a tendency to over do it and to burn yourself out - after each big project your exhausted and your current way of working isn't sustainable.

You love what you do, and often find yourself just doing one more bit of work at ten thirty at night...

BUT its affecting your health, your relationships and you're done with this cycle - you're ready to live with more ease, space and vitality and calm.

You're ready to claim your place at the table, own your worth and shine!

This retreat is for you if you are ready to:

  • believe that more is possible while doing less.
  • believe it is possible to be powerful without exerting power over.
  • Feel good enough and worthy of the life you have created.
  • build a profitable, sustainable, and FUN business & life, that feels as good on the inside as it perhaps looks on the outside!

because it's time for you to

Stop Striving in order to Start Thriving

Wanna be the Queen or King of your Kingdom?

(Then this is the Retreat for you.)



An experience led explorative journey to the embodiment of powerful, innovative, conscious leadership (for Misfits & Mavens).

(30th April - 4th May)

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This is the retreat for you if you are ready to own the space you desire to occupy, without taking anything away from anyone else.

This retreat and mastermind is a deep immersive experience. It’s for you if you’re done with playing small or fitting into someone else's definition of powerful or successful. If you're ready to find an easier, more natural & enjoyable way. If you KNOW that you’re getting in your own way and you’re ready to deep dive in and face your shadows so that you can grow in courage, confidence and trust and get past it, once and for all. It's for you if you're up for leaning in and discovering your true potential, doing some really BIG work, while having a hell of a lot of FUN!

Your Claiming the Castle® Mastermind Retreat includes:

  • Full Moon Releasing Ceremony
  • Excursion to Glastonbury to witness the marriage of the green man & green woman
  • Hotseat sessions with Ebonie
  • 3 days and 4 nights in our very own castle
  • Staying in your own turret! With home-cooked, healthy meals.
  • Deep dive into the eight pillars of The Misfit to Maven Way
  • Small group mastermind session
  • Yoga sessions / Hot tub / Swimming pool
  • Opportunity to join M2M360 & get access to M2M(f) Ebonie's signature programmes at a discount.
  • Opportunity to upgrade to 1:1 coaching with Ebonie

HUGE growth & up-leveling PLUS time to relax and recharge.

This Mastermind will be a blend of intensive process, inspiring curriculum, emotional healing, action taking and deep restorative work.


What is it all about? Its about becoming the kickass & kind queen or king of your kingdom. So, learning how to be responsible and considerate and build lasting wealth that benefits you and your people. Become more visible, and deal with that visibility well. How to manage the expectations of your people, while still taking care of yourself. Its about sovereignty, and freedom. Its also about creating, building or maintaining a profitable, sustainable and fun business, that feels as good on the inside as it perhaps looks on the outside.

Who is it actually for? Consultants or service based business owners. Who have many years of experience in their area or industry but have only been in business for themselves, or working on their current offer for 1-3 years. Those of you who are currently making 3-5k per month in their businesses and want to be making 10k+. Those of you who want someone who'll do strategy and pragmatic, practical coaching stuff with them, AND the more woo woo / spiritual, magic and mindset stuff too. This Mastermind is for those of you looking to balance your warrior and healer energy.

What results can you expect to see? Increased revenue, increased confidence, defined systems and procedure, better levels of self care, more fun, huge personal growth and an overhaul that leaves you with a life that you are truly proud of! Plus, I'm not into creating co-dependant groupie's, so you can expect to leave our time together able to ride alone without your stabilisers (training wheels) with a long term strategy for continued growth. There are no fads, fashions or phases here.

Your VIP retreat will take place in the beautiful West Country in our own private castle...

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What you're getting:

4 Nights Accommodation & food £1000

Excursion £500

Coaching £3000

Total Value: £4500

Last two places are available now for only £2000


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Want to know if Claiming the Castle is right for you?

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clicking the link will allow you to book in for a chat with Ebonie.