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Be honest, do you think of the people out there who do what you do as your competition or your community?

In the Fuck it Friday over in our FB group last week I was talking about how I don’t compete with my friends and today I want to continue by talking about how you can turn your competition into your biggest supporters AND how to make the most of your community without ruining friendships or making it ALL about work.

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Do this and turn your competition into community NOW

Fuck it: to competing with my friends!!
watch the video and do the challenge I set you…

I want to share one simple thing you can do to turn your competition into your community…
INVITE THEM TO BE SO.I mean this internally and externally.First think of someone who does what you do, and who you think does it well.Then, check in with yourself whether you are thinking of them as your competition or your peer?What would make them feel more like a part of your community?How can you connect with them?

What needs to happen for you to feel more like peers?

How can you bridge the gap?

More often than not when we reach out to people in kindness with no agenda they are receptive and open (and on the occasions that they’re not, it’s not personal, it’s their stuff that has them in a state of defence or closed thinking. They might be busy or focus or have a deadline, or have some other agenda that isn’t making this the right time for you to connect.)

I invite you to reach out and invite someone to be in closer connection and support with you…  and with that in mind I want to announce

Being a purpose driven business person can be tough, the waters can feel murky and cold.

The Pond is my solution.

The Pond is a by-application community and online space where I host supervision, coaching, masterminding, brainstorming and discussion in a held and safe way.

The idea behind The Pond is simple, it’s about being the change we want to see in the world, it’s about sisterhood (we do allow dudes in too though) It’s about having a truly authentic and confidential space to connect with your peers, with the safety of being able to talk to other people who understand, who can relate, who aren’t necessarily a potential client (so you can be 100% open and honest) and who’ve been where you’ve been or are where you are or visa versa.

I’m opening applications today and I would love for you to apply if you love The Entrepreneur Misfit Mastermind group, but want something more intimate and more focused, with a live call each month and an opportunity for cross promotion and skill swapping.

So, that is announcement number 1. Announcement number 2, is that The QUIZ is finally ready for you!! So, if you want to find out your Entrepreneurial spirit animal you now can!! I’d love if you’d test it out for me!

and lastly I’d running a webinar on Friday, in which I will share the exact steps I took to manifest £3168 of ‘unexpected money’ – I’d love for you to join me, I’ll send out a replay for those that sign up because I know that the timings aren’t great for you all and I’m not selling anything on it, I don’t believe in those big pitch webinars!!

I will make a small announcement about OOTB but if you are on the VIP list for that, you’ll get a surprise from me on my birthday (saturday) regardless of whether you’re on the webinar…

Have a great week!!

so much love

Do this and turn your competition into community NOW


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