Pillar 4 of the 8 (that make The Misfit to Maven™ Way) is ACTION.

This step is about going from inertia to action.

The lie is that HARD WORK is all it takes, or If I believe it enough, it will happen!

But the truth is that Inspired Action is the only action worth taking.

There seems to be a prevalence for thinking either, that you have to work hard; all the time, to the edge of your capacity OR that if you visualise it, believe it will happen, then somehow magically it will just appear. The truth is somewhere in between. Action for action sake is not helpful or fulfilling. The trick is to look at your motivation for the action.

Inspired action is action that will give you the biggest win.

The biggest win isn’t just about results, but about the journey too. The best strategy is a balance between deliberate versus deliberate strategy. Making a deliberate plan, and being flexible; open to opportunity. Whilst you need to have a deliberate strategy, you also need enough resources and flexibility to change course, and make way for an even better, emergent strategy.

  • We determine our fate by where we pour our energy and resources.
  • Where are you are putting your resources; time, energy, talent and wealth?
  • Your strategy consists of hundreds of everyday decisions.

It can be really tempting to take the short term pay outs life offers, by prioritising things with immediate rewards over those that may take years to come to fruition.  Remember though that neglecting personal health and relationships along the way can have detrimental, irreversible effects.

There is magic in the mundane, right in front of you, in the everyday tasks. Being entrepreneurial in my mind is quite simply the ability to recognise opportunity when it is presented to you.

  • Being so focused on one particular outcome means that you can miss opportunities for growth, for adventure, for experiments, for chaotic creativity and transformation. Sometimes the snakes and ladders of life can have you catapulted to places you had no idea existed.
  • The perspective from these places can be just what you need or provide depth to life in a way that was inaccessible if you had planned it.
  • Deliberate strategy keeps you focused. Emergent strategy provides beautiful uncertainty.

Most of the time being, without rushing, is what produces results. To pay attention with a heart and mind at ease is what produces results. It is also – and this is almost impossible to remember – what produces time.

You can have it all. But it’s about balance. Balance is not easy. It is work, it takes discipline and it involves calling yourself on your shit. Are you faffing or being busy because you have things to do or because you don’t know what else to do, or because you are not comfortable in those pauses?

It’s the pauses in life in my experience that are where the magic exists.

At first though the pauses can be really uncomfortable. (Yoga changed everything for me in this regard).

Deliberate strategy provides focus, having a plan is SO helpful – exploring context, knowing why you want to achieve the end goal, understanding the steps you need to take to get where you want to be is CRUCIAL. However, being so focused that you neglect to smell the roses, or play with your children isn’t the life you want for yourself. Allowing the flow of uncertainty into your life allows you to learn, experiment, feel, play, explore. It IS the JOURNEY that we are here for. It is the EXPERIENCES of our life that we remember way after the goals have been achieved.

  • How can you make the experiences part of the journey?
  • How can you factor deliberate and emergent strategies into your business and your life plans?

Affirmation: I embrace and am confident with uncertainty


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