Gut Feeling

Should you trust your gut feeling?

Is listening to and acting on intuition an act of rebellion?

Is intuition magic or science?

Intuition comes from the latin word “intuir,” which means knowledge from within.

While you might think of intuition as magic (and it is, because the whole human body is MAGIC quite frankly!) it’s actually not nearly as ‘woo’ as you might think.  Like most ‘woo’, intuition is Neuroscience and Metaphysics with a side scoop of esoteric magic thrown in.

There is a primal connection between our brain and our gut. Our gut is our oldest neural intelligence, often referred to as our second brain and with good reason. As an mBit (multiple brain integration technique) Coach, I know that we have three brains, or three complex, adaptive functional, neural networks, and that our gut or enteric brain with it’s 500 million neurons has the complexity of something like a cat’s brain!

Our gut brain is a vast chemical neuro-hormonal warehouse and utilizes every class of neurotransmitter found in the head brain. 70% of our immune system is in the gut and according to Dr Michael Gershon, author the groundbreaking book “The Second Brain”  95% of the serotonin used throughout the body is made in the gut.

Our third ‘brain’ is our heart and it is said both in our everyday language and in all the psychological and scientific research done over the years that ‘the heart leads’ – in our everyday experience we all know that even if the most logical and rational way forward is laid out in front of you, if your heart’s not in it, you won’t act.

Each of our three brains is optimised to mediate specific core functions.

The head makes meaning, understands and perceives.

The heart emotes, relates, values.

The gut keeps us safe, mobilises and governs identity matters.

What this means is that those of us with heightened intuition are those who have developed condensed reasoning or swift cognition from not just our head brains but from a more complex, multi-brain embodied system.

I believe that a person’s ability to make intuitive choices and good ‘gut’ decisions, is also based on using their hearts guidance. After all, ‘the heart knows’.

Being intuitive, being heart led and trusting our gut is actually being in-tune enough to exploit the brain’s shortcuts.

Rebel heart, rebel guts, rebel mind

We often talk about a “gut feeling” when we meet someone for the first time. Or we might say “My heart’s just not in it.” We’re told to “trust our gut instinct” – these and hoards of other every day sayings are not just cognitive-linguistics or metaphorical allegory, but deeply scientific evidence of our mind-gut connection.

While some might view their gut feeling as a purely magical construct, in a world that is predominantly run by ‘heads on sticks’, I see being gut or heart led as a wonderful act of rebellion.

Rebellion, is to resist convention or the establishment. In other words being gutsy and listening to our hearts desires is absolutely rebellious!

So in order to deepen our intuition and in fact calculate a fully aligned, integrated and coherent understanding of what we really want, I invite you to ask for answers from your head, heart and gut.

The more you practice consciously, the swifter, more intuitive the responses will become.

Try using these questions as journaling prompts, as quiet contemplations or as a way into making that next big decision.

  1. How do I truly feel?
  2. What do I truly desire?
  3. What do I truly think is important about this?
  4. What do I truly feel connected to?
  5. What do really know?
  6. What do I really think?
  7. What do do I really perceive is going on?
  8. What is it that I really understand about this?
  9. What do I need to feel deeply safe?
  10. What am I actually hungry for deep down?
  11. What is going to motivate me?
  12. How does this affect my sense of identity on a deeper level?




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