It has always been my intention to create community, to help creative entrepreneurs to choose curiosity over fear, and to reframe uncertainty – so that you are able to feel a sense of internal belonging, and choose courage and experience over an expectation or expected outcome.

This last launch and the financial loss that came with it for me has created an opportunity to recalibrate and whilst the core of what I am about and what I offer will not change (my value filter process, the 8A’s and my Misfit to Maven program) how I offer and deliver those is in review.

Right now I am reimagining it all. I am taking some time out to go over every piece of content, every part of my business, and every piece of feedback – both from you, and from myself, and checking in – how does it feel. What is truly in my value filter – FREEDOM | WILD | TRUE?

While I was in Malta last weekend I realised I have not been honouring my WILD nearly enough and the universe / source / god / nature – whatever you want to call it, has a way of course correcting and showing us what we need when we don’t act mindfully and consequentially everything in my world is messy and untamed right now.

My whole world, from the business to my trinkets and toiletries are kicked out on the floor ready for inspection Marie Kondo style.

It’s horrible, and thats okay.

The perfectionist in me wants to tidy things away even if it means rushing it and putting something back in the wrong place.

The Maven in me says “its okay gorgeous, breathe” as she steps over the upturned chaos and knows that it will take a little time but will be worth it.

I am yet again more comfortable with being uncomfortable than I ever believed would be possible for me.

So, what have I got for you?

Only this.

On June 20th the way I work with clients is changing.

Like I said I’m still recalibrating (and taking proper time out to do so – I’ll be in Barcelona this weekend, on my own private business retreat mastermind) so I’m not 100% sure what the offers will end up looking like, but I know my rates for 121 are going to increase.

I will always offer something for those of you who want to move forward but are not ready to make a big leap but likelihood is that these will be more DIY and less contact time with me. I imagine that M2M80 will become a drip fed course with a full hosted version happening only once a year. Don’t hold me to it, ask me in 2 weeks.

Until I make the final decisions and the announcement of what’s next I am still available for 121 sessions and packages at my current rates. If you want to book in for a chat about any of this please hit reply and speak to me.

If you’d like to have a say in what comes next, please fill out these 8 questions – I’ll love you forever!

If you’d like to be the first to know when I open presale for Out of The Box – which is my new offering, coming soon, a subscription service with gorgeous product – think candles, crystals, chocolate and video and audio coaching delivered to your home from me, then go sign up HERE.

For now though, thats it from me,

more soon I promise

I hope that this has in some small way given you permission to be messy, to not have it all figured out, and to get a tiny bit more comfortable with being uncomfortable.

love love love,

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P.s if you haven’t already please come join a tribe of MISFITS & MAVENS – this is a very special place to me, where we talk about it all, with prompts and lovely lovely people! Please share with your friends too, the more the merrier and the better our shared reality will become!

Misfit to Maven Mastermind - I'm a Mess but it's ok



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