I’ve never had a proper job. From selling homemade cards when I was 14, working in the film industry, starting one of the first virtual assistant companies and my current work as a life and business coach, for self selected misfit entrepreneurs I’ve always made my own rules.

In my book, Misfit to Maven: From Argh to Ahhh, I openly and candidly talk about my unusual journey from Misfit to Maven, from hard working outsider to smarter working financially stable Maven and Entrepreneur.
But is my journey unique?

Whilst it has certainly been more sex, drugs, and misadventure than others, elements of my story are actually shared by many.

To celebrate the launch of my book, Misfit to Maven, I interviewed a series of Misfit Entrepreneurs about their journey and I hope that our conversations inspire and empower you to move from ARGH to AHHH in your own business and life!

Interview with Misfit Entrepreneurs Lucy Sheridan & Jo Westwood#HigherSelfie is a spiritual lifestyle company founded by life coaches and Hay House authors Lucy Sheridan and Jo Westwood. Specialising in live events, including the only spirituality unconference in collaboration with lululemon athletica, and original online content, #HigherSelfie’s intention is to help and empower digital natives waking up to the cosmic alarm clock, via the proposition ‘Life Through the Spiritual Lens’


What does being a misfit mean to you? Tell me a little bit about a time when you felt like a misfit…

Being a misfit means being me in an unfiltered way via our #HigherSelfie business – what we say, what we dare to dream, what we do and how we do it. When we started #HigherSelfie we had an intention to bring spirituality more into the mainstream and were met with some side eye glances and ‘I don’t get it’ conversations from people inside and outside our circle. That can wobble the confidence and make you question your idea!

How have you developed your confidence?

Seeing and feeling people’s reactions to what we’re doing has been a huge confidence boost. It can really help when the self-doubt creeps in from time to time. I think as well that we trust ourselves to do a good job – we have high standards and people have come to expect something different and exciting from us so we try and make sure we use that as fuel to keep believing and doing our best to bring our ideas to life.

How and when did you decide to work for yourself?

For me (Lucy) it was two years ago – October 2013. I was working at a place I felt like a square peg in a round hole and often used to question if I was doing the right thing. Then one day, the management announced some internal changes that I didn’t think would work for me and I took that as a cosmic nudge that it was time to move on. If I was as good as I kept being told – why not make that work in my favour? So I went freelance.

Tell me a little about what you do – day to day…

There isn’t a set routine and we’re cool with that – one of the things we’re passionate about is making sure the business isn’t a tyrant! So we work on priorities day by day and set timing plans in trust we will always meet key points. To give a bit of flavour of a typical day we would be writing content for our community, probably have a status meeting over Skype to check in and get mutual sign off on decisions or costs, we might also be emailing collaborators to set up investment meetings, curating gifs for our social media channels and coaching our private clients. There is also a lot of cuddling dogs and listening to BBC6 Music.

Who is your ideal customer?

A twenty/thirty something spiritually curious digital native looking for a more conscious way of living (and likes a bit of woo-woo!)

What does success mean to you?

Freedom, which includes working where and when we choose to and also turning down work or partnerships that we don’t feel are a good fit. Financial independence is also a measure of success of course – it feels magical to be paid to do what you love.

Having fun is definitely up there too – we spend meetings belly laughing whether that’s with investors, our publisher, our clients or just us. A sense of lightness and fun makes our business feel expansive and is a magnet for ideas and opportunities. If it’s not fun or positive we have a very low threshold for it!

How do you keep motivated when things get tough?

Talk about it! We’re lucky we have a strong partnership – we have come to be BFF’s as well as business partners and try not to hide what we’re feeling and thinking. That also breeds a strong sense commitment – if I’m feeling crappy or demotivated I still have to show up for Jo and that gives me a boost.

I’ll also take time out for fun and inspiration or to reach out to a friend or mentor. I’ll also pray for energy and motivation or talk to my angel guides to help me through times that feel a bit like a slog.

What advice would you give a younger you?

You will figure it out! And don’t get in the way of what the universe is trying to gift you – I used to get so attached to plans and following a certain path, or way of doing things, and it shut me down to opportunities.


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