I’ve never had a proper job. From selling homemade cards when I was 14, working in the film industry, starting one of the first virtual assistant companies and my current work as a life and business coach, for self selected misfit entrepreneurs I’ve always made my own rules.

In my book, Misfit to Maven: From Argh to Ahhh, I openly and candidly talk about my unusual journey from Misfit to Maven, from hard working outsider to smarter working financially stable Maven and Entrepreneur.
But is my journey unique?

Whilst it has certainly been more sex, drugs, and misadventure than others, elements of my story are actually shared by many.

To celebrate the launch of my book, Misfit to Maven, I interviewed a series of Misfit Entrepreneurs about their journey and I hope that our conversations inspire and empower you to move from ARGH to AHHH in your own business and life!

Misfit Entrepreneur Zach Falconer-BarfieldZach is the founder and 1st Gentleman at The Perfect Gentleman. The Perfect Gentleman is provides a place to enlighten, educate and entertain helping any man gain the Gentleman’s Advantage in Business, Romance and Life.

Diagnosed with severe asthma at 3 months old, he spent over 50% of his life either in hospital or bedridden till just before his teens. He knew then he would not have a conventional career and after working in and managing his family’s restaurants, he trained as an actor at a prestigious London theatre school. He left his acting dreams behind to found his 1st company at 19 and never looked back.

Since then he has ridden the entrepreneurial roller coaster personally founding over 10 companies and being involved in the founding teams or early stages of a further 20. He has covered such diverse fields as Construction, Hospitality, Entertainment and Events.

He is an author, consultant and lecturer. He is also involved as a Non-Executive Director and Advisor to a number of companies. He also has an MBA from Cass Business School

Apart from his professional ventures, he is a volunteer with the Prince’s Trust.

Download Zach’s “Becoming the Perfect Gentleman” Ebook here!



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