I meet a lot of Solopreneurs and startup businesses who often describe their business operation as ‘just’ me with a tinge of embarrassment in their voices.

Later though its said with resentment and exhaustion.

Is it time for it to stop being just you?

In March 2014 I wrote:
“In the past month I have built a new website, written an ebook, and am in the process of getting it ‘out there’ in the world; so that as many people as possible can have a chance to enjoy the shortened learning curve I’m offering by reading the book, and doing the work to understand what it took me years to learn alone.
Doing these things by myself has presented me with lots of opportunities to really walk my talk and use the M2M Way and the 8 Pillars myself. Trying to do it all; being presented with the challenges of the many many roles we play and hats we wear when running our own businesses led me to thinking about how many of us have at some time or other been the CEO, the MD, the HR department, accounts, admin, sales, etc etc the list goes on.
I like many of you out there have presented a bigger operation than exists in the past – with My Girl Friday Ltd, at the beginning it was just me and my laptop, sofa surfing, living out of a suitcase and yet I would meet new prospects in coffee shops claiming that the office was too busy.”

I remember when I felt like I needed to pretend there was more to the team than just me! I wanted to impress…

Like it wasn’t impressive to have gotten as far as I had alone?!

  • Do you ever feel the need to impress people?

I know that for me the need to present a particular image came from the ‘fake it til you make it’ ideology that I felt and saw modelled all around me.

The comparison that was triggered by my social media feeds, with their styled and edited photos from ‘leaders’ in my field had me intimidated with their impressive shiny-ness.

While useful and inspiring at times, this comparison was also not helpful when it came to being realistic about where I was. Looking at the truth of what was going on in my business and my life and asking for or getting help and support when I needed it.

Since then I have published a book, written two programmes and tweaked my business model many times.

I’ve followed the crowd at times, made mistakes and then learned to listen to myself.

These days I would rather be honest than impressive.

These days there is a team – I work on an ongoing basis with four incredible women; business owners in their own right – who make up team misfit.

It hasn’t always been this way, I did it all for a long time… and going from a one girl band to learning how to be the CEO of my business; hire, manage and lead this team did not happen over night.

Back in 2014 when I first wrote a post on this topic, it was all me, working all the hours, from my living room, with no door to close, no VA, no graphics or social media help, no systems; ‘just me’ ALL ME!

Now, in the summer of 2017 I have an office and a team, and greater responsibility and also more free time to enjoy what I have created!

I know all too well that when businesses evolve and it’s no longer viable for it to be ALL YOU, but growth can be tricky and uncomfortable.

How and what do you do first?

First….Its time to thank yourself for everything you did to get yourself here alone, and then begin to outsource, systemise, automate and upgrade one step at a time.

Its time to learn how to be the CEO of your business and run it instead of doing it all. Time to figure out what kind of a leader you want to be.

Making that jump, taking my business seriously and becoming the Director that it says I am on the paperwork didn’t happen over night but it started with a decision.

Its not always easy – being the boss can be inconvenient and uncomfortable:

I don’t always want to know how much money is coming in and going out.

I don’t always want to take time out for rest and relaxation because I’m so passionate about what I do & I want to keep going & going…

I don’t always want to hire or fire or make decsions…

But the truth is that it is my job as the CEO of my business to pay attention and take care of myself and the business. To stop us all from burning out, both physically and fiscally.

Making the jump from JUST me to, ALL me, to hiring and outsourcing so that its no longer just about you, but about something much bigger is the most impressive thing of all.

If you are ready for help with this big leap – get in touch.


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