KICK ASS is the BFF of coaching packages.

KICK ASS includes a VIP day followed by 6 months 1:1 coaching with me. (12 Sessions.)

This package is for you if you're not seeing consistency and instead feeling like there is never enough of you to go around!

You've got an idea of what you do, and who for. You’ve started putting some systems and procedures in place but nothing feels 'done.'

There's always something else nagging for your attention.

Both financially and emotionally, you’re a little all over the place and often find yourself saying yes to more than you can cope with.

You’re ready to take back control by any means necessary. (As long as there's someone walking with you to cheerlead and support you.)

It feels like you're 80% there, and you've invested in support before, but now you're ready for personalised and deep connection with a coach. Someone who really sees you and can really cheerlead and challenge you.

You want to move beyond feeling exhausted and stretched to consistently feeling calm and collected!

You want to be in charge of your business / life not the other way around!

You desire Clarity, Confidence, Courage and more of your ideal Clients!

I have been where you are now!

I get what it's like to be pulled in so many directions and just keep hitting a wall. Whilst you're definitely nearer to it all clicking than you ever have been before, you're also ready to get some help, especially if it'll make things less stressful!!

  • You have a high level of awareness of yourself and others.
  • You're biggest problem is probably a lack of confidence and trying to do it all.
  • You need someone to help you take your business & your dreams seriously!!
  • You're ready to listen to a way of making it all simpler (if it gets results)...

Its for you if you are committed to integrity. To authenticity. To truth. To your dreams. To true freedom. To living in line with your values. To living a congruent, fulfilling life at your greatest potential and highest good. Its for you if you want to marry hustle with heart and really THRIVE!

As a result of working with me through the 1:1 Kick Ass coaching package, you’ll…

  • Have systems, structures, processes and tools in your business (and life!) so that you feel a sense of ease and know you are supported. Finally you can stop pushing and striving and running yourself into the ground.
  • Achieve real clarity about what ideas you actually want to pursue (so that your brain stops feeling like a mess of spaghetti) and you know exactly what to do and in what order.
  • Gain focus, so that you’re no longer being pulled in a million different directions.
  • Your time is dedicated to genuine income-earning activities and the things that you enjoy, rather than being caught up in the minutia. “Working smarter not harder” will become your lived reality.
  • I’ll give you the tools that will allow you to smash those blocks once and so for all, so that you can get on with living your unique, out of the box life.
  • Build a sense of self-worth that is independent of what happens in your business. You’ll be so in love with your decisions that no matter what life throws at you, you’ll be cool with it.
  • Be able to look yourself in the eye and be proud of who you've become. This is about much more than just successful business!

This package is fast paced. It’s for you if you’ve done with being exhausted and ready to find an easier more enjoyable way.  If you KNOW you’re getting in your own way and you’re ready to put structures and systems in place so that you can grow in courage, confidence and income. If you're up for leaning in and discovering your true potential.

The Kick Ass package includes:

  • [WAKE UP] VIP Accelerator Day + 12 Follow up sessions. (Every other week for 6 months)
  • Your very own Value Filter™ so that you always know if something is a YES or a NO for you, and feel completely confident that you are making decisions that are right for you
  • You’ll learn my 8A Principles™ - Easy principles for you to use in any area of your life, for life!
  • Now / Future plan - We'll map it all out in detail so you have a plan of exactly what you need to do and when to achieve your desired outcomes. There will be no more guessing or getting caught up in busy work. You’ll understand exactly what actions are going to have the most impact.
  • 1:1 support from me for tough love and accountability to keep you on track, as well as the ability to pick my brain. Over the years I’ve invested tens of thousands of £€$’s in my own development and by working with me you’ll be getting access to all of that training and development.
  • Lifetime Access to M2M(f) and access to M2M360 for 6 months

PLUS a personalised box of goodies handpicked to make your journey magical!

(When you sign up for KICK ASS, you get WAKE UP plus 6 months follow up!!)

Due to the intensive nature of the Kick Ass package, and my commitment to being truly present and available for my clients - I only work with a few people at a time, people who are really ready to ramp it up!

(Taking applications now.)

Your Investment: $15,500 / £11,700 - Payment plan options available.

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So, you’re clear on what coaching is and what it isn’t (see my FAQs for more on that!) and you’re ready to start really living your life? - HELL YES, get in touch and lets get you booked in!