My Saturday was spent at Hay House UK Ignite – which is a bit like an annual conference for all the spiritual peeps in the UK and an incredible line up from a crew of incredibly inspiring authors and speakers, some of whom I am lucky enough to call my friends.

The day was truly magical, getting to meet some many of my internet friends in the full three dimensional flesh is flipping awesome!

Today I’m going to share with you some of the takeaways I got from the day. Many of these pearls of wisdom and inspiration won’t be new to you, but they are as important as the first time you heard them!!

Lessons to IGNITE you...
photo credit: Amy Firth

“When everything around us is crumbling it’s a good sign, it means that we are shedding the old ways of being.”   Rebecca Campbell

Rebecca’s talk was so so good – she was inspiring and educating in equal measure. She entertained and delighted! It’s been a year since I heard her talk last and she’s been on quite a journey!

She also mentioned that it was only 1951 that the witches act was removed in the UK – so, any feelings of persecution that you might be feeling about expressing your spirit and following your souls calling – could well be old, like really old and you can learn to let go of those feelings and listen to the greater whisper (If this is something you want help with I suggest you read her book, or get in touch and I can help you too)

Or even better would be to go and “Find the other woo’s in the village” – This is something which the gorgeous Higher Selfie girls, encourage us all to do – find our tribe and let them support us, while we in turn support them. If you are not a member of The Misfit Entrepreneurs Mastermind on Facebook yet, go join now, and then do a shout out and find people near you, in geographical location – lets take it offline too – lets support one another on and offline!

Rebeccca’s words –

“I allowed myself to be held by a force greater than me” gave me goose bumps as I realised just how true these words are for me too!

Many people tell me about their dark and shadowy places and like Rebecca I believe that when the universe turns the lights off it is only so that you can see and hear YOURSELF more clearly!

Often times when we listen our intuition or soul whispers out our next steps and our head says “I can’t do that, I don’t know how yet!” and the truth is that’s the point – you are called to teach or do the work in the world you need the most.

She shared a mantra which I LOVE

“I will be healed as I let the healing happen through me.”

Sandy Newbigging also shared about our journey’s here being to let Divinity in.

With each moment of discomfort or dis-ease – there is an opportunity to embody another Divine trait or virtue

–       Patience

–       Compassion

–       Love

–       Tenderness

When he asked his teacher “What is the purpose of life?

His teacher responded with “The purpose of life is to live. So, are you?”

Sandy talked a lot about presence and how to create calm – check out his work, a lot of what he said was incredibly useful and inspiring to me.

He talked about how often we are feeling our thinking – which can be stressful and we experience discomfort and disease. But when we are present, we are instead feeling our feelings.

– Are you feeling your thinking?

Try becoming still



– now notice that you are thinking – yes?

Ok, now that part of you which is noticing that you are thinking, expand that. Become more aware of that awareness.

When you focus on your awareness, you are present and you can feel what you are feeling instead of feeling what you are thinking.

COOL huh?!

He went on to reiterate something I say a lot

“What if you were less attached to an outcome?”

His version of this is:

FREEDOM is the willingness to experience anything.

You know that’s true right?

Be less attached to an the outcome – that IS the work!

Sandy Newbigging is currently promoting his new book ‘Body Calm’ in which he talks about the conflict and resistance we have to freedom. He talks about physical dis-ease and he asks “what is the experience of having this symptom?”

In order to discover what the conflict is, try asking yourself ” What does it feel like to have this experience?”

And perhaps you find that having a bad back makes you feel vulnerable and like you need to take things slower – then ask yourself

“Where else is this feeling showing up in my life?”

“What virtue are you being invited to embody by having this experience?”

In this instance of me and my back ? it’s tenderness and patience. (thank you)

I highly recommend checking out Sandy’s calm clan.

Lessons to IGNITE you...
photo from Charlie’s Instagram

The other person who’s talk blew me away, so much so that my notes are incoherent was Charlie Morely, I have long been a fan of lucid dreaming, it’s something I did often in my teens and early twenties and then I stopped and so his talk on why you might want to lucid dream had me riveted.

If you have never heard of lucid dreaming or you’re not sure why you would want to,  just know this – The lucid dream is a virtual simulation – you can manifest from the inside out and harness your imagination to make your dreams come true.

Charlie can explain it way better than I can – check out his books and also his Ted X Talk:

Hay House Ignite is an incredibly special event, and even more so this year because my good friends Lucy and Jo of Higherselfie had their first book on sale and they ROCKED THE STAGE!!! – There is nothing more exhilarating than watching your friends and clients reach their dreams!! Go check out their site and why not send them a submission and join the party!

Which leads me nicely onto a little announcement I want to make.

One of my gorgeous clients Jessica Peer, who is one of my M2M80 gals, (she’s currently on round two – yes, it’s a programme you can do more than once) has stuck to her word and despite plenty of hiccups has launched her online store!!

You can now buy her Unorthodox Gems on her Etsy Store.

She hit her goal – which for the woman who first came to me saying “I’m not a planner” is an awesome achievement and I am SO proud of her!!

There are more exciting announcements coming as she will be launching her full website really soon with all of her wonderful travel stories and the inspiration behind her incredible jewellery. Unorthodox Gems are also on Facebook and I highly recommend you go and give them a like to hear more about the full launch and some incredible launch discounts she is offering!

To make sure that you get the full scoop each week, sign up for The Monday Pep Talk.


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