Like a Maven - 1:1 Coaching with Ebonie.

You are a unique and intelligent Creative Misfit, and cookie cutter coaching is never going to interest you.

You’ve gotten this far surviving on your own two feet, but surviving is no longer good enough. You’re done with making do; you want the lifestyle you have worked hard for!

You’re ready for more. You're ready to grow and increase what is available to you.

You've done some personal development work, you know your strengths and challenges, and you want someone fun and inspiring to help you see around corners and figure out what it is that you’re not seeing so that you can move from a place of constantly striving to a place of fulfilling your greatest potential with ease and grace, so that you might more effortlessly thrive!

If this is you, hurrah!
You are in the right place

Grow Personally & Professionally. Expand in Confidence, Reconnect with Pleasure and Increase your Impact!

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After coaching hundreds of people like you over the last 5 years, I have put together the perfect combo of intense process and follow up sessions to create hugely catalytic, game changing, quantum transformations...

A combination of VIP days + follow up sessions.

You're hard working, intelligent, savvy and you're making a success of your business or consultancy.

'Success' right now means that people recognise you as being good at what you do, and you're making some money, but truth be told you've not got the recognition, or rewards that you'd really like.

You'd like to be able to help more people, but scaling without diminishing the intimacy you've created, or burning yourself out seems impossible.

You'd like to up-level without having to work even harder.

You crave support, (that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, and that isn't prescriptive!)

You're committed to your personal and business development.

You've been to live events, done courses, trainings, and read all the books - (learning new stuff, understanding new concepts and getting the work done has never been your issue, taking time out, relaxing - doesn't come as easy.)

You're far from lazy, you're a doer, a hard worker. You're conscientious.

The thing is that even though things are going well, and you've created momentum - you still feel like a misfit, or an outsider and in order to be an influencer in your industry you need to do something different.

What got you here, won't get you there.

And you're not sure who to trust.

I know that feeling well, and left unchecked it causes physical exhaustion, emotional fatigue and a spiritual despondency that creeps up on you until even though you 'shouldn't be' - you're depressed.

Not all the time, but you can feel the murkiness.

It lurks just beneath the surface and rears its head when you get extra busy or stressed by a deadline and is especially present when you then start to think about doing more, to increase your reach, capacity or visibility.

You want to help more people and have a greater impact... But not if its going to cost you your health and wellbeing, or freedom.

I used to be there, and l'm here to tell you that there is another way...

It IS possible to grow without destroying what you've already created!

There IS a way of being impeccable at what you do, whilst also having time for you.

Your issue isn't actually about doing more, it is about developing yourself as a leader and learning how to scale what you do with a business model that is consistent and dependable.

Working with me 1:1 is for you if...

You know that you are called to be a greater leader, to be more, do more, have more while helping to empower others...

IF doing your thing comes naturally to you, but you have a tendency to over do it and to burn yourself out

IF after each big leap you experience a ping back or collapse

IF you love what you do, but have a tendency to over promise and over deliver

IF you're ready to feel supported, clear, calm, confidence and have a greater capacity...

IF you're ready to claim your place at the table and enjoy your life!

Its time to go from

Striving Hustler to Soul Led Leader

Like a Maven™ - Life & Leadership Coaching for Misfits

Become the confident Queen or kickass King of your healthy, wealthy, thriving kingdom!

Go from Stressed out Hustler, to Soul led Leader.

Private coaching with Ebonie

by application.

Ready to explore working together?

So, you think you’re clear on what coaching is and what it isn’t (see my FAQs for more on that!) and you’re ready to bite overwhelm in the bum! Instead of brain fog and panic you want clarity and manageable, motivating action steps. You want someone who really gets it to give you straight talking no nonsense insight and feedback, allowing you to move forward with passion and purpose…

Book a free 10 min call, even you have 10 mins right?

If you want to...

  • Have more fun in your business and life
  • Get really clear on your zone of genius
  • Create a consistent sense of calm
  • Feel confident and sure of yourself
  • Get clarity (on it all)
  • Work less and have more free time
  • Uplevel all areas of your life
  • Feel more courageous and alive!

... then let’s talk!

I know that your time is precious, as is mine - so why not sign up for a 10 min game changing call, where I ask you 9 questions and then tell you whether or not I can help!


Sound good?

Book a 10 min Game Changing Call!

My Like a Maven packages are for you if you’re done with playing small or fitting into someone else's definition of powerful or successful. If you're ready to find an easier, more natural & enjoyable way. If you KNOW that you’re getting in your own way and you’re ready to deep dive in and face your shadows so that you can grow in courage, confidence, capacity, and compassion so that you can be the change you want to see in the world. They're for you if you're up for leaning in and discovering your true potential, doing some really BIG work, while having a hell of a lot of FUN!