Are You Looking For a Quick Fix or a Silver Bullet?

Did the Spring (Autumn) Equinox shift something in you? Did you feel the pull for more – did you hear that it is time to wake up, kick ass, and be kind?

It is my job to cheerlead and challenge, it is my gift to the world to be a rocket in your ass and inspire and nurture you to live a bolder, freer, happier life, where all of you is welcome and you are always enough and never too much.

It is my mission to enable you to live a life that is as extraordinary as you are – one that really feels as good on the inside as it looks on the outside, one where you know your gifts and share them fully – BUT I can’t do the work for you, and there is work to do!

I’ve been speaking to people recently who seem to think that there is some kind of magic bullet, a pill or a trick that will make everything sparkly and full of love and light – or that if they pay me I’ll somehow be able to integrate their shadows for them but here is the truth Etest the life you desire, one full of calm and adventure, one with purposeful work which pays you well, rich and joyful relationships and time and space for you to understand who you are and connect with something greater than you, is waiting for you to show up.

Showing up is the work and there is no quick fix or magic bullet.

What do I mean by showing up?


What is it that is stopping you from living a life where you are free and thriving?

Are you scared?

Are you lazy?

Are you comfortably numb?

Are you avoiding something?

Are you getting in your own way?

Do you even know what you want?

Are you comparing yourself to others?

Are you hung up on whether you deserve it?

Or are you showing up, ready to get out of your own way and live a life you love, now?

Being present in your life is the most practical tip I can give you.

When you are able to be fully present the clues are there,  magically peppering the mundane of your life. Everything you want or or need for yourself or others is there for you.

it is completely normal to have blindspots though – areas that you just feel like you are bashing your head against a wall with, or going round in circles – that is why we mediate, or go to yoga, or run, or get a coach – all of these things help us to reconnect to our own inner wisdom and the moment, so that we can notice the clues – and that is the work.

So, what can you do today?

Do you need to be a little more awake?

Do you need to be a little more kick ass?

Do you need to be a little more kind?

What can you do today – what one small step will take you forward and create momentum in your life?

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If you want to discuss this further or want help getting clear on your blindspots, book in for a FREE 30 minute clarity activator session with me. Spots are limited, so grab yours now!

Are You Looking For a Quick Fix or a Silver Bullet?


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