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Misfit to Maven - The Foundations!

The revolutionary 8 pillars of practice that will take you from ARGH to AHHH!

Lets get real for a minute..

The 8 day e-course you just bought will show you exactly where the gaps are in your life, and help you identify your next steps! I am so excited for you!

But the truth is there is only so much we can cover in 8 days.

If you are someone like me who wants to go all in and heal the cause not just the symptoms, then you are going to love love love my signature program ‘M2M The Foundations’.

M2M The Foundations, does exactly what the name suggests; it’ll give you super solid foundations on which to build your business and your life so that you can create something that feels as good on the inside as it perhaps looks on the outside.

Let me guess, you often feel like an imposter and a fraud.

You might look confident on the outside, but you’re really not as confident as people think, inside you are riddled with guilt that stops you from having everything you dream of, but you’re not really sure why.

And truth be told, trying so hard all the time is exhausting.

Secretly, you worry that burnout or a breakdown are just around the corner.

You feel as though you’ve been on some sort of personal growth journey for a while now and you’ve grown and changed so much!

But you’re still waiting for that BIG BREAKTHROUGH Sometimes it feels like it’s all too hard, maybe it’d be easier to quit and get a ‘proper’ job instead.

Deep down you know that you are all over the place and it’s time to get your sh*t together and be the extraordinary and talented Maven that you are.

It’s time to look at what’s really going on and get out of your own way so you can be truly proud of the life you are living and really feel the fulfilment you so deeply crave.

I’ve been exactly where you are now and made it through to the other side.

I now help people like you (those too creative, too innovative, too geeky and too full of heart to clock in and clock out of a job and life) to simplify their lives, eliminate guilt, and feel worthy!

I’m on a mission to help 100,000 misfits just like you to fulfil your greatest potential and be bolder, freer and happier!

I’ve been lost, overwhelmed and burnt out. I know how it feels.

And I know how to fix it and become abundant, successful, confident, and free!

I have found a simple yet wildly effective formula for YOU to have it ALL: Financial stability, time freedom, focus, clarity and growth!


Yes really.

And the best bit, you’ll not have to push or strive or pretend to be anything you’re not.

So, let me show you how.

M2M(f) will cheerlead and challenge you to up-level your business and life from the inside out.

It's a next-level experience that’s guaranteed to trigger quantum leaps forward for you in your business and your personal life.

You'll learn:

  • How to TRUST YOURSELF completely, make effortless decisions and finally once and for all, THRIVE!
  • How to always know the next best step for you and your business
  • How to set really good goals that excite and motivate you AND how to reach them.
  • How to navigate and overcome any obstacles, struggles and adversity without suffering
  • How to set boundaries in a kick ass and kind way that always creates win:win situations
  • When to take action and when to take time out, when to work on the business, in it and when to take time off!
  • How to opt out of the drama and comparison cycles so that you can harness your own unique magic
  • How to get the credit, kudos, reward and MONEY you want without feeling icky.
  • How to be happy and live in the now, whilst taking care of the future.
  • How to use all this new knowledge in every area of your life, forever more, even as you evolve and grow.

This program is specifically designed for

  • Innovators, rule breakers and non conformists - those ready to up level every area of their life and FAST-TRACK their emotional and spiritual growth
  • Self employed Creatives who want to make a bigger impact
  • Trailblazers, Dreamchasers, Artists, Writers, Makers: Creators who want to live on purpose with purpose
  • Big energy love bugs who are feeling close to burnout or breakdown and uncharacteristic constant resentment

My promise to you...

My strategies and processes work. And they involve no faking or forcing. They’re simple to implement and accessible to anyone who comes with an open mind.



Ebonie helped me stay focused and figure out that the things that I want are very different to what other people think I “should” have. I got from a-b by sticking to my Value Filter™ as much I could whilst also being mindful of the things that aren’t so fun but will eventually lead to the life that I want.

Ebonie helped my get outside of my comfort zone, and do things that ordinarily make me feel on edge to get to a much better end result.

Monday calls were my absolute favourite. Ebonie made it really easy to open up to her  about what was on my mind at any given point, and although at the beginning I was concerned about the group aspect of M2M80 it actually ended up being my favourite part!

Realising I’m not alone in this whole “trying to make something of myself” thing was reassuring and getting pointers and different opinions from people with an outside perspective was really useful.

Ebonie’s not like any other coach. She walks her talk and practices what she preaches. AND she’s done all of this, so she gets it. She actually gets it, not just because it’s her job. She gets how scary it can be, and that some days are harder than others and she makes people embrace it all as part of the journey.

Steph Dolly Tattoos
Iona Fraser

I signed up because I was experiencing overwhelm… I had no shortage of ideas for my life and business, quite the opposite! I had such an abundance of ideas that they has formed a seemingly impenetrable and confusing spaghetti like mass in my brain and were becoming genuine obstacles to progress… Ebonie’s program has helped me to take my internal creative chaos and streamline it. To better understand what drives me and what my aims are in order to prioritise both what I want to do and what action I need to take to achieve it. The understanding that I can (and should!) say no to jobs and ideas that don’t fit with my specific goals has been invaluable!But most importantly it has helped me to find structure and order that rather than curtailing my beloved creative chaos, gives it more space, and me the ability to untangle and channel it…

Iona Fraser Ashdown Forage
Carla Viegas

Before I signed up I had been feeling somewhat lost, disenchanted by some aspects of my work, and mostly very, very, insanely overwhelmed. The course helped me to discover how much of my overwhelm was self-created and a product of my own resistance to things I was making myself do (and it first showed up in me not having the time to do the exercises! lol). The process has been invaluable in helping me know myself so much better, as a bit of a chronically curious polymath I had always been able to turn my hand and my interests to so many things, and what was initially a blessing quickly became a curse after I became entangled under many conflicting goals, interests, and tasks – when in reality I don’t even like being super busy all the time! This course has helped me discover this as well as develop and get to know my internal ‘architecture’, what agrees with it, and what really doesn’t. So the way to my personal ‘aha’ has been through figuring out what didn’t work for me, what was actually superfluous. ‘Misfit to Maven’ has been the equivalent of a great pair of shears with which to prune all the unnecessary stuff out of my life, so that I have more time to enjoy the things I do truly and deeply enjoy doing!

Carla Viegas Singer, Voice Coach and more!
Siobhan O'Donoghue

It has been such a personal transformation – I am now planned, organised and realise that while life happens and shit gets in the way, I can do this.

I have lost three stone and almost achieved my weight goal, I have been back to the gym, I tell people no!! I let stuff go.

M2M80 really helped me to achieve all of this.

The journey from A to B was tough but it was really worth it. Hearing the other people in the groups’ struggles made me realise this process is normal, and the modules and coaching helped me to reflect. Everything is a lot clearer and manageable. I am so much more aware of myself and able to accept myself.

It has been amazing! Everything is now clearer, manageable and I know I can do this.

Siobhan O'Donoghue

Let’s be honest. You’ve gotten this far by yourself and you are ready to hit the BIG time
(but there’s only so far you can go alone.)

One of the worst parts about being a misfit or creative non conformist is that it can feel lonely.

I can’t tell you how many times I pushed people away, thinking there was no one who ‘got’ me, and no one who could help, but I was wrong.

I also believed that asking for help; following someone's system, hiring a coach or getting a mentor, would somehow be cheating... (do you get that?)

Its not though, I can't do the work for you, but I can tell you exactly what to focus on, making it less overwhelming and confusing and allowing you to feel excited, happy and fulfilled as you make tangible progress.

Misfit to Maven - The Foundations includes 8 Pillars of Practice.

When you sign up for M2M(f) you get immediate access to:


- You'll get access to training videos from Ebonie for each module.


-  Each interactive workbook has been designed to get you diving deeper into the information, and enable you to find your own perfect solutions to your own unique personal and professional challenges.


- Templates, checklists and worksheets to help you run your thriving business.


- 24/7 interaction and support with a network of like-minded, driven creative solopreneurs; opportunity for accountability, partnership and buddies.

Each pillar or 'module' has both internal work and external work.

Working on both 'inside-out'  and 'outside-in' means that no matter no matter where or what your particular block is, we will find it and work it through.

You will be working on your own internal landscape so that you can fully receive all that you want for yourself as well as working on the external, real world stuff so that your vision becomes a reality.

Module 1: Awareness

This first module is all about combating overwhelm and moving from Numbness to Awareness.


This module is all about orienting yourself - getting comfortable feeing your feelings.

  • Awareness 101. You'll begin with a reality check. You have to know where you are now, before you decide where you are going. This is an internal and an external inventory.
  • The objective of module 1 = Clarity! So, we'll run a full business & personal diagnostics so that you are clear on your current position.
  • You'll look internally and externally at who you are, your unique proposition, your offer, your strengths, and challenges.
  • You'll nail exactly what it is that you do and who you do it for so that positioning yourself is effortless and you attract the right people, ready for what you have to offer.
  • You'll get crystal clear on what’s important, the rules; your values so that you are 100% sure where you are headed.

You'll get access to video trainings and workbooks that will get you diving in deep and identifying the core issues in your business and your life. 

Module 2: Aspiration

In the second module you'll move from Apathy to Aspiration. You'll learn the lies and the truths about DESIRE (why you want what you want and why you are not getting it!)


Aspiration = Understanding your WHY!

This module is all about setting intention and getting crystal clear on what you want to DO, BE and HAVE. This isn't just about a 6 figure salary, it's about feelings and legacy.

  • You'll move from a place of apathy to a place of being 100% present so that you can truly enjoy the vision casting process.
  • You'll learn what makes a GOOD goal and you'll set juicy, exciting, motivating, aligned, personal goals.
  • You'll explore the context of your ambitions & identify all the assumptions that must prove true for you to get where you want to be.
  • You'll set clear milestones of the fun stuff that you WANT to pass along the way.
  • You'll understand the power of Intention and get clear on how you define success
  • We'll explore what KPI's and strategies you need for YOUR business

You'll get access to video trainings and workbooks that will get you diving in deep and identifying the core issues in your business and your life.

Module 3: Acceptance

The third principle on your journey from ARGH to AHHH, is Acceptance. This module is all about making friends with your inner judge. Exploring Judgement and Acceptance; and becoming discerning.


FACT: You WILL encounter Obstacles and Barriers. You will think “I can’t do this” and you will want to give up. This module is all about setting getting self responsible and learning how to stop trying to change the unchangeable and instead focus on what you can do differently.

  • You will learn to recognise the judgements you are making, with out judging yourself.
  • You'll learn the difference between judgement and discernment.
  • You'll learn how to practice acceptance not resignation.
  • You'll identify and master your limiting beliefs
  • You'll get really clear on your SCOT's
  • You'll create your BATNA

You'll get access to video trainings and workbooks that will get you diving in deep and identifying the core issues in your business and your life.

Module 4: Action

This module is all about getting sh*t done. More than that though, it is about inspired action, and learning when to do and when to be.


This module is where you can catch up, hire the help you need, let yourself rest and digest everything that you have learnt. Seriously, I've built in a break for you to get a massage or a mani / pedi. It's all about taking inspired and appropriate action. Working smart not hard.

  • You'll learn about inspired and appropriate action
  • You'll learn the power of resting, trust, surrender and intuition
  • You'll have a chance to take action on the tasks identified & get support in doing them
  • You'll set up systems and procedure for measuring KPI's and implementing the right strategies so that you are working SMART not HARD
  • You'll implement everything you have learned so far and watch as the results unfold for you.

You'll get access to video trainings and workbooks that will get you diving in deep and identifying the core issues in your business and your life.

Module 5: Accountability

Is all about Accountability, facing the obstacles and barriers and opting out of the drama.


In this module our focus is reframing, staying accountable and opting out of the drama. You'll move from a blame culture to noticing the lessons and how you can use them to impact and benefit yourselves and those around you.

  • You'll learn how to develop resourcefulness and identify ways over, round and through everything that comes your way.
  • You'll explore responsibility and legacy
  • You'll bust a layer of limiting beliefs and create supporting systems and practices.
  • You'll move away from blame culture both internally and externally and replace it with something hugely powerful and rewarding
  • You'll do all this so that you have skills for life not just right now, and not just this business - so that whatever happens moving forward you have the skills to evolve effectively building on what you have done so far, rather that starting from scratch

You'll get access to video trainings and workbooks that will get you diving in deep and identifying the core issues in your business and your life.

Module 6: Acknowledgement

The 6th principle is Acknowledgement. We'll explore Significance, Credit, Kudos and Reward (MONEY)


In this module you'll work out exactly what you need to thrive, by way of status, recognition, autonomy, freedom, safety, money and more.

  • You'll learn where you are currently looking for and getting or not getting acknowledged and replace these with healthy acknowledgement habits that serve you and others.
  • You'll learn how to set and increase your prices in a way that doesn't feel icky
  • You'll learn how to love your own decisions so much that it doesn't matter what other people think
  • You'll explore selfish versus selfullness and learn how to give yourself what you need
  • You'll learn how to acknowledge others in way that really resonates with them and builds super powerful relationships.
  • The work you do in this module will mean that you are really able to feel good, and appreciate your value and worth

You'll get access to video trainings and workbooks that will get you diving in deep and identifying the core issues in your business and your life.

Module 7: Appreciation

The 7th principle is Appreciation. In this module you will focus on cultivating a success mindset.


In this module the focus is appreciating what 'is'. You'll learn practices for cultivating happiness and also for appreciating the full spectrum of feelings that you have.

  • I'll show you how this simple equation (happiness = progress) when really understood will change your world exponentially
  • You'll learn simple, implementable, daily practices to increase your happiness and your feelings of success
  • You'll learn how to attract loyal, authentic, brave, passionate people into your life
  • You'll learn the power of "Thank You".
  • The exercises you do in this module will leave you feeling fulfilled and enable you to help others feel this way too, so that you can grow your business & increase profit effectively.

You'll get access to video trainings and workbooks that will get you diving in deep and identifying the core issues in your business and your life.

Module 8: Ad Infinitum

The eighth module is all about implementing your new found knowledge in your life for life! This is more than just a program; it’s a set of tools that will last you a lifetime and evolve with you!


Anyone can be spiritual and happy in a cave or cocoon. It's when you add in every day LIFE that things get awkward. This module is about harnessing the tools you have learned and starting to use them out in the real world. This last part of the program is about taking the stabilisers off and learning to ride alone.

  • You'll learn how to use the principles you've learned in ALL areas of you life so that you can coach yourself and focus on what needs doing rather than buying course upon course, again and again!
  • You'll be able to identify tangible results so that you can see & feel your ROI
  • You'll start to explore more fully your next joint ventures and partnerships
  • You'll get clear on your next steps (anyone can be spiritual in a cave, you'll learn how to take this out into the world)
  • You'll be invited to repeat the modules in your own time, every time you are ready to level up!

You'll get access to video trainings and workbooks that will get you diving in deep and identifying the core issues in your business and your life.

Ready to take control of your life?

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