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Misfit to Maven 360!

ultimately the BEST way to get every thing you need to flourish and thrive - all my best stuff, for people who want clarity, confidence, courage and calm plus access to me at a really affordable price.

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Ready for accountability, new friends who get it, and coaching from me?

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More that the community has to say about M2M360:

  • Tessa Brooks Tessa Brooks Aisake Ltd
    M2M360 is where I shine, receive nourishment, and grow. This is my bespoke arena in which my heart, mind, body, career and aspirations come to thrive as one authentic core being.
    M2M360 is a safe haven in which I grew into this revolutionised upgrade of myself. By following the M2M360 path, it has now evolved for me into a platform that provides the resources needed to fulfil the greatest version of myself through my own learning and empowerment. Interaction, connection and commitment to the group then becomes even more a part of my own identity.
    I witness daily demonstrations of the skills needed to answer my own questions, carve out my own path, and ask for help when I need it - long before I've acknowledged the need or understood the desire.
    The benefit for every user is the flexibility to utilise it as suits the individual. For me, M2M360 is my consistent ritual of self-respect, accountability and development. It will be this for each user no matter the preferential method in which it is absorbed. The platform provides a wealth of live resources to extract as and when is needed.
    If you feel that you might not be ready, it might not suit you, you might not fit in, you can't afford it, you're not sure what you need, or you don't have the time... these are precisely the reasons you should join. There is only one right time to sign up, and that is now.
  • Hayley Rogers Hayley Rogers
    I was struggling mainly with balance. I was trying to be everything to everyone and that meant that I had literally no idea who ‘Hayley’ was! I had a business idea and I knew it could work, but the reality of adding more to my workload terrified me! My ‘Misfit to Maven’ experience was such a mixture. There was excitement, nervousness, empowerment and a lot of tears! I loved the process! I signed up almost spontaneously as it felt like the right time to invest in myself. Three jobs and three kids meant that there wasn’t much time for reflection…or so I thought! Through the workbooks I became aware of my self and it was quite an eye opener…I love ‘Hayley’ and feel so proud that she is back out there in the big wide world. The level of insight and understanding from Ebonie is phenomenal…she has been through so much herself that M2M is a judgement free zone and I felt able to communicate with a sense of freedom that was really refreshing. I loved being a misfit, but being a Maven rocks even more!
  • Iona Fraser Iona Fraser Ashdown Forage
    I signed up because I was experiencing overwhelm… I had no shortage of ideas for my life and business, quite the opposite! I had such an abundance of ideas that they had formed a seemingly impenetrable and confusing spaghetti-like mass in my brain and were becoming genuine obstacles to progress… Ebonie’s program has helped me to take my internal creative chaos and streamline it. To better understand what drives me and what my aims are in order to prioritise both what I want to do and what action I need to take to achieve it.
  • Nadine de Zoeten Nadine de Zoeten Second Acts
    I finally found my tribe of lady oddballs with big visions and bigger hearts. Being a part of M2M360 is like coming home. I cannot put the warmth and support that I experience in this group on paper, you have to experience it for yourself. The magic of the program lies not only in the wealth of resources but mainly in the community of likeminded warmhearted misfits. It's like that one friend who is always there for you with a cuppa and a chat. The program is not all business talk and strategy, Ebonie helps you particularly with the personal side of being an entrepreneur. She helps you to show up as your true you and she is a master at it. This is what makes this program unique. Since joining the program I have grown so much - both professionally and personally - I feel like I have made quantum leaps. Something no other business course, mastermind or coaching has achieved. The unique blend is what sparks the magic.
  • Steph Steph Dolly Tattoos
    Ebonie helped me get outside of my comfort zone, and do things that ordinarily make me feel on edge to get to a much better end result. Monday calls were my absolute favourite. Ebonie made it really easy to open up to her about what was on my mind at any given point, and although at the beginning I was concerned about the group aspect of M2M it actually ended up being my favourite part! Realising I’m not alone in this whole “trying to make something of myself” thing was reassuring and getting pointers and different opinions from people with an outside perspective was really useful. Ebonie’s not like any other coach. She walks her talk and practices what she preaches. AND she’s done all of this, so she gets it. She actually gets it, not just because it’s her job. She gets how scary it can be, and that some days are harder than others and she makes people embrace it all as part of the journey.
  • Moyra Scott Moyra Scott
    M2M360 is great! I feel supported and - likewise its a commitment for me to keep checking in, with where I am. Its not intrusive and demanding, and I don't feel I am falling behind, and at the same time I feel - that its helping me keep moving forward. Essentially, its my favourite place on the internet, a safe space to learn and grow with other likeminded souls. It's a combination of safety and challenge that is helping me grow as an artist in business and as a person. The resources are awesome and the community is fabulous. Highly recommended.
  • Zoe Barratt Zoe Barratt Alt Together
    I joined M2M360 because I was going round and round and even though I'd done a lot of personal development work, I wasn't making the progress I wanted. Ebonie know's her shit. She knows the struggles of spiritual creative… she knows the processes we need to go through to become successful and happy in every area of our lives. So I joined, and with the accountability, structure, support and someone there to give me tough love, I finally did move forward, in the ways I wanted. So I would recommend M2M360 to anyone that still hasn’t written their book, created that creative course, or built that yoga studio… anyone who is a free spirit and feels scared to be told what to do by anyone other than another free spirit. One that has great authenticity and highly developed skills and knowledge in business and our deeper spiritual souls. Say yes, you won't regret it.