Misfit to Maven 360

Imagine A Place Where You Can Own Your Uniqueness, Transform Your Inner Landscape, And Create A Kick-Ass Business, Career or LIFE out in the World!

Imagine no more..... read on my misfit pal

I hear you. You’re different. Your brain works in unusual ways. You have an eclectic mix of skills. You’re an individual. You walk to the beat of your own drum and you HATE being told what to do. You crave a lifestyle of freedom and want to be successful in your own way.  

You sense it IS possible. You’ve seen it happen for others, but not for you. And it’s super F***ing FRUSTRATING! 


You're intelligent and you're a good person....Why do you keep getting stuck and overwhelmed? When it comes to your business (and your life), why do you feel like you're repeating patterns over and over and often on the edge of being burnt out?

Outwardly you seem confident. People often think you’re more successful than you really are, but inside it’s a different story. Self-doubt and Impostor Syndrome creep into your monkey mind and despite being on the personal development treadmill for what feels like a while now, you’ve not had the breakthrough you desire.

You earn enough to ‘stick it to the system’, but you don’t have the money or the time that you'd truly like.

The truth is that sometimes you feel isolated and lonely. Like no one really ‘gets’ you, and like there’s no one you trust enough to talk through your real fears and challenges with, without overwhelming them or undermining your credibility. Instead, you bottle it up and put on a brave face.

Sometimes you wish someone would just ride in on a white horse and rescue you!

Is business (and life) really supposed to be this hard?

Stop Striving and Start Thriving

I get it. I’ve been where you are. Real satisfaction, success, and fulfilment used to elude me too. I’ve felt the frustration of not making it work. I know how it feels to doubt your skills and question your worth.

I’ve felt the isolation too. I used to withdraw into myself because I believed no one understood me. In fact, it was not that long ago that I was homeless, drowning in five-figures of debt, and plagued with loneliness. It was my lowest point, but I’m grateful for it now because it shocked me out of my ‘comfortable numbness’.

I realised I couldn’t keep living life and running my business the way I had. Instead, if I wanted different, it was time to make significant changes.

Three in particular:

  • 1

    Look within

    I had to change my internal landscape and learn to believe I could create the awesome vision in my head.

  • 2

    Change my circle

    I had to accept I couldn’t do it alone. I had to open up, ask for help, and connect with other ‘misfits’ who got me.

  • 3

    Value myself.

    I had to STOP using my perceived limitations as an excuse to stay stuck, but instead get ‘out there’, choose action, and make sh*t happen.

In practice, this meant putting participation over perfection and community over competition. I played a different game, strengthened myself from within, and totally kicked ass!

Along the way, I created the Misfit to Maven Way - which includes my 8 Pillars of Practice and 3 cornerstones of booming business. It’s a proven system that empowers ‘misfits’ to wake up, value their uniqueness, and create a business (and life) that truly thrives.


1. Awareness2. Aspiration3. Acceptance4. Action5. Accountability6. Acknowledgement 7. Appreciation8. Ad infinitum

It’s a method unlike anything you’ve seen before. And it works! Over the past 5 years I’ve used this method to coach 100s of awesome Misfits who've torn up the stories that kept them stuck and have become fulfilled and happy Mavens.

And now I’d like to help you do the same. 

I’m Ebonie Allard - Author, Master Coach and Badass Biz owner. I’ll help you create a thriving business (and life) that’s as extraordinary as you:

  • I'm your ever-encouraging cheerleader who’ll challenge you to keep going
  • A blend of masculine and feminine energy that can nurture and ground you
  • The Maven Mirror who’ll help you see the awesomeness that’s trapped within
  • The Misfit Guide who’ll show you the power of the Misfit and help you find your own path
  • The non-judging ear who’ll create space for you to explore your inner demons

So if you’re frustrated with your progress, fed up of feeling isolated, and tired of getting stuck with the same old stuff then I invite you to join M2M360.

Inside this curated community of Misfits you'll use the ‘Misfit to Maven Way’ and the specifically designed course content to get the CLARITY, CONFIDENCE, and COURAGE you need to be truly happy, successful and fulfilled.

Let me tell you more …

Carla Viegas Singer

Misfit to Maven has been the equivalent of a great pair of shears with which to prune all the unnecessary stuff out of my life, so that I have more time to enjoy the things I do truly and deeply enjoy doing!

Carla Viegas Singer Voice Coach and more!

Here’s What You’ll Get Inside M2M360

M2M360 includes everything you need to move from ARGH to AHHH in your business, career and life. Its like a gym for your EQ, MQ and SQ...

Your membership includes:

PLUS free access to the M2M360 Mastermind Community forum where you can network, share stories, champion and interact with fellow misfits – all on a similar journey to you. Just imagine what will be possible for you when you’re around people who get you and are committed to watching you succeed!

In the past, I thought ‘Misfit’ was a derogatory term. I longed to belong, not be different. But when I tried to blend in, it killed me.

Now I know the truth… Misfits have special powers! We see things differently. We challenge the status quo. We’re sensitive and we’re radical. We don’t believe the current way is the only way. It’s why Misfits can change the world.

There’s strength in community. Place yourself amongst others who ‘get’ you, and your sense of value and self-worth is transformed. Suddenly you feel you can do it – because others hold up a mirror and show you what they already see. And you get that your gifts matter. So just imagine what will be possible when you can network, share stories, and interact with fellow misfits – all on a similar journey to you. That’s what membership of M2M360 will give you.

There really is nothing else quite like this for self-confessed Misfits like you. (Other than working 1:1 with me!)

So tell me… Are you ready to uplevel from within? If so, you better be quick as the doors to M2M360 are not staying open for long!

What’s Your Investment In M2M360?

This last year alone I’ve spent over £35,000 on my business.

To be successful, you MUST invest & and you must invest your cold hard cash wisely, but you’ll only get so far without getting help and taking that leap.

So, do yourself a favour and STOP wasting time trying to figure it all out ALONE.

Instead give yourself a break and say YES to getting help from someone who understands where you’re at. You’ll make faster progress and you’ll avoid many of the distraction and pitfalls that trip up Misfits like us.

When it comes to price, I’m committed to keeping M2M360 affordable. It’s my mission to unite and empower Misfits. I want to inspire more people (like you and me) to create, express, and share our gifts with the world. And I know money can be an issue, especially when you’re stuck in a rut or starting something new.

That said, I do need to stretch you a little. The M2M Way WORKS – but only if you work it. You are going to have to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in, and if it’s a considered financial investment, you are MUCH more likely to invest your time, show up, and squeeze everything you can out of your membership.

So here's the deal - I'm subsidizing the cost in order to keep it affordable, you’ll invest just £199 up front and £99 a month as an ongoing subscription fee. There’s no long-term commitment. You can leave whenever you like.

AND I really do want everyone to feel comfy. I want the space to stay intimate. This is why we open in waves. We only open the doors for 2 weeks at a time – and then the doors stay closed so that everyone in the community can really feel safe and get to know each other. (Of course we'll open again later in the year, but why would you put the life you desire on hold a second longer?)


Hayley Rogers

The level of understanding from Ebonie is phenomenal… she has been through so much herself that M2M is a judgment-free zone and I felt able to communicate with a sense of freedom that was really refreshing. I loved being a misfit, but being a Maven rocks even more… As a result of M2M I am profitable like never before. M2M gave me purpose, self-belief and the ability to set and meet goals, which stretched, out of my comfort zone… THANK YOU. I am so bloody excited about what the future has in store xxx

Hayley Rogers Fauxlaroids

Doors currently closed. Join the waitlist to get exclusive offers and discounts when they open again in January 2018!

Find out about M2M80 DIY

Calling the unconventionals, the non-conformists, and the creatives

- this programme is exclusively for YOU!

Whether you’re a geek, a digital nomad, or a dream chaser, a polymath, a creative, or a trailblazer, you’ve found your home. M2M360 is an eclectic community of unique individuals with brave hearts – ready to create success and fulfilment their own way.

Created by a Misfit for fellow Misfits – this programme contains all the knowledge, support, and community you need to be the Maven that’s already inside you.

So welcome 🙂

I invite you to up-level your life and grow in alignment with who you really are.

And don’t worry… You won’t find any ‘cookie-cutter’ coaching from me! Instead, this programme will support and inspire you to believe in yourself and your skills.

And then help you build up the COURAGE and CONFIDENCE to live the life you have always dreamed of…

As a result of your investment in the M2M360 resources and community; you’ll be able to:

Master strategies that keep you focused on what matters
– so you can opt out of the drama and comparison cycles and harness your own unique magic

Iona Fraser

I signed up because I was experiencing overwhelm… I had no shortage of ideas for my life and business, quite the opposite! I had such an abundance of ideas that they had formed a seemingly impenetrable and confusing spaghetti-like mass in my brain and were becoming genuine obstacles to progress… Ebonie’s program has helped me to take my internal creative chaos and streamline it. To better understand what drives me and what my aims are in order to prioritise both what I want to do and what action I need to take to achieve it.

Iona Fraser Ashdown Forage
 Zoë Barrett

I was sceptical of yet another course. I felt like I knew exactly what I needed to do to go from argh to ahhh, I have all the tools and should be able t do it alone. But it kept being next week… I was going round and round not moving forward. So I bit the bullet and joined, and here’s the truth – Ebonie knows her shit! She knows the struggles of spiritual creatives… she knows the process we need to go through to become successful and happy in every area of our lives. And M2M360 speeds it up; with accountability, structure, support and Ebonie there every week to give you tough love. I would recommend M2M360 to anyone that still hasn’t written their book, or course, or built that yoga studio… Anyone who is a free spirit and doesn’t like being told what to do, by anyone other than another free spirit. Ebonie is just that and has great authenticity, highly developed skills and knowledge in business and our deeper spiritual souls

Zoë Barrett Intuitive Therapist

Doors currently closed. Join the waitlist to get exclusive offers and discounts when they open again in January 2018!

Find out about M2M80 DIY

If you’re like me, you don’t do ‘one size fits all’.
You want something unique

– and now you’ve found it

The beating heart of the M2M360 programme is the Misfit to Maven Way, my 8 Pillars of Practice and the 3 Cornerstones of Booming Business.

The essence of this programme is to help you build your business from the inside out. As a result, each module includes internal and external work. This ensures you’ll grow in alignment with who you really are. So no compromises or second best for you. Instead, we’ll do the work that makes your authentic vision a reality.

And rest assured… no matter where your particular block is, we will find it and bust through it. There really is nothing else quite like this for self-confessed Misfits like you. (Other than working 1:1 with me!)

Here’s an overview of what you’ll learn as you work through the Pillars and Cornerstones. Remember, you’ll have FULL ACCESS from DAY 1 – so you’re free to work at your own pace.

8 Pillars of Practice:

Pillar 1: Awareness

First, get orientated. Begin your Misfit to Maven journey with a stark reality check so you’re clear on your start point. Overwhelm often keeps you stuck in ‘comfortable numbness’. It’s only when you’re crystal clear on where you [really] are now that you can move forward with confidence.

More info...

This Pillar is all about orienting yourself and getting comfortable feeling your feelings. Here’s what you can expect:

- Awareness 101: We’ll start with a reality check of your internal and external inventory. You have to know where you are now, before you can decide where you’re going.

- Clarity! You’ll learn how to run a full business & personal diagnostic so that you’re clear on your current position.

- Reflect: You'll look internally and externally at who you are. You’ll also discover your unique proposition, your offer, your strengths, and your challenges.

- Define: You'll nail exactly what it is you do (and who you do it for) so that positioning yourself becomes effortless. In turn, you’ll attract the right people who ready for what you have to offer.

- Values: You'll get crystal clear on what’s important to you. You’ll pin down your rules and your values so you’re 100% sure where you are headed.

You'll get access to video trainings and workbooks that will get you diving in deep and identifying the core issues in your business and your life. You’ll get email prompts and pep talks and accountability in the facebook group.

Pillar 2: Aspiration

Next, you’ll discover how to move from Apathy to Aspiration. In this pillar, you’ll get clear on what you want to DO, BE, and HAVE. In turn, you can harness the power of intention and set inspiring goals that are aligned with your vision and who you want to be.

More info...

This Pillar is all about setting intention and getting crystal clear on what you want to DO, BE and HAVE. This is about more than earning a 6 figure salary. This is about defining your WHY, getting clear on your feelings, and creating your legacy.

Shift: You'll move from a place of apathy to a place of being 100% present so that you can truly enjoy the vision casting process.

Goal setting: You'll learn what makes a GOOD goal and discover a process for setting juicy, exciting, motivating, aligned, personal goals.

Define success: You'll explore the context of your ambitions & identify all the assumptions that must prove true for you to get where you want to be.

Fun: You'll set clear milestones of the fun stuff that you WANT to pass along the way.

Intention: You'll understand the power of Intention and get clear on how you define success

Measurements: We'll explore what KPI's and strategies you need for YOUR business

Pillar 3: Acceptance

You WILL encounter obstacles and challenges. Only by befriending your Inner Judge, accepting responsibility, and choosing discernment can you create change. Are you ready to harness new inner strength and adopt an attitude that will ensure your phenomenal success?

More info...

Part of the M2M journey is mastering your mind. Thinking “I can’t do this” and wanting to give up is normal. How you respond is the decider. This Pillar is all about getting self responsible and learning how to stop trying to change the unchangeable and instead focus on what you can do differently.

- You will learn to recognise the judgements you are making, without judging yourself.

- You'll learn the difference between judgement and discernment.

- You'll learn how to practice acceptance not resignation.

- You'll identify and master your limiting beliefs

- You'll get really clear on your SCOT's

- You'll create your BATNA

- You'll become your own cheerleader

Pillar 4: Action

Awesome ideas are only potential. NOTHING happens until you get sh*t done. In this pillar you’ll discover how to harness the power of inspired action so you can DO. You’ll also learn how to balance masculine do-ing with feminine be-ing so you can get the balance right and fly.

More info...

This Pillar is where you intentionally take a breath so you can speed up or slow down. We’ll consider the strategies you need to get you moving. For example, you may decide you need to hire help or skill swap with the group. You may need to put your foot on the gas or switch to cruise control. In short, it's all about taking inspired and appropriate action. Working smart not hard.

- You'll learn about inspired action and appropriate action

- You'll learn about the power of resting, trust, surrender, and intuition

- You'll have a chance to take action on the tasks identified and get support in doing them

- You'll set up systems and procedure for measuring KPIs and implementing the right strategies - so you’re working SMART not HARD

- You'll implement everything you’ve learned so far and watch as the results unfold for you.

Pillar 5: Accountability

When you’re growing, evolving, and bringing your awesomeness to the world, you’re going to be challenged. You need resilience and persistence to break through and that’s where accountability comes in. In this pillar you’ll discover how to escape the victim mentality, avoid drama, and capitalise on your learning.

More info...

In this Pillar our focus is reframing, staying accountable, and opting out of the drama. You'll move from a blame culture to noticing the learnings and how you can use them to impact and benefit yourselves and those around you:

- Resourcefulness: You'll learn how to overcome obstacles by identify ways over, round and through everything that comes your way.

- Inner resilience: You'll bust through your layer of limiting beliefs and create supporting systems and practices that help you grow.

- Self-responsibility: You'll move away from blame culture both internally and externally and replace it with something hugely powerful and rewarding

- Skills for life: You can use the learnings from this pillar throughout your life allowing you to build on your skills, rather than starting from scratch.

Pillar 6: Acknowledgement

There’s a reason you do what you do – and in this pillar you’ll get clear on the payback that motivates YOU. You'll explore Significance, Credit, Kudos, and Reward (MONEY) and as a result, you’ll find yourself able to set and increase your prices in a way that doesn’t feel ‘icky’ – perhaps for the first time.

More info...

This Pillar is where you intentionally take a breath so you can speed up or slow down. We’ll consider the strategies you need to get you moving. For example, you may decide you need to hire help or skill swap with the group. You may need to put your foot on the gas or switch to cruise control. In short, it's all about taking inspired and appropriate action. Working smart not hard.

- You'll learn about inspired action and appropriate action

- You'll learn about the power of resting, trust, surrender, and intuition

- You'll have a chance to take action on the tasks identified and get support in doing them

- You'll set up systems and procedure for measuring KPIs and implementing the right strategies - so you’re working SMART not HARD

- You'll implement everything you’ve learned so far and watch as the results unfold for you.

Pillar 7: Appreciation

Self-sabotage, playing down your potential, and failing to own your skills saps your confidence and devalues your worth. In this pillar you’ll learn how to appreciate who you are and what you do. In turn, you’ll cultivate a success mindset as well as feeling happier and more fulfilled.

More info...

In this Pillar the focus is appreciating what is. You'll learn practices for cultivating happiness and also for appreciating the full spectrum of feelings that you have.The exercises you do in this module will leave you feeling fulfilled and enable you to help others feel this way too, so that you can grow your business & increase profit effectively.

- Happiness formula: I'll show you how this simple equation (happiness = progress) when really understood will change your world exponentially

- Daily practices: You'll learn simple, implementable, daily practices to increase your happiness and your feelings of success

- Attract: You'll learn how to attract loyal, authentic, brave, passionate people into your life

- Thanks: You'll learn the power of Thank You.

Pillar 8: Ad Infinitum

When you uplevel from within, the journey never stops. Instead it’s a loop of evolution as each new space creates further opportunities for growth. That’s why this pillar is about harnessing the tools you’ve learnt – so you can use them in the real world over and over again.

More info...

Anyone can be spiritual and happy in a cocoon. It's when you add LIFE that things get awkward. This module is about harnessing the tools you have learned so you can use them out in the real world. This last part of the program is about taking the stabilisers off and learning to ride alone:

- Self-sufficiency: You'll learn how to use the principles you've learned in ALL areas of your life so you can coach yourself and focus on what needs doing rather than buying course upon course, again and again!

- Focus: You'll be able to identify tangible results so that you can see & feel your ROI

- Buddy up! You'll start to explore more fully your next joint ventures and partnerships

- Moving forward: You'll get clear on your next steps (anyone can be spiritual in a cave, you'll learn how to take this out into the world)

- You'll be invited to repeat the modules in your own time, every time you are ready to level up!

Cornerstones of Booming Business


Ebonie helped me get outside of my comfort zone, and do things that ordinarily make me feel on edge to get to a much better end result. Monday calls were my absolute favourite. Ebonie made it really easy to open up to her about what was on my mind at any given point, and although at the beginning I was concerned about the group aspect of M2M it actually ended up being my favourite part!

Realising I’m not alone in this whole “trying to make something of myself” thing was reassuring and getting pointers and different opinions from people with an outside perspective was really useful.

Ebonie’s not like any other coach. She walks her talk and practices what she preaches. AND she’s done all of this, so she gets it. She actually gets it, not just because it’s her job. She gets how scary it can be, and that some days are harder than others and she makes people embrace it all as part of the journey.

Steph Dolly Tattoos

Doors currently closed. Join the waitlist to get exclusive offers and discounts when they open again in January 2018!

Find out about M2M80 DIY

“My strategies and processes work. They involve no faking or forcing. They’re simple to implement and accessible to anyone who comes with an open mind.”

It’s my vision to create a community of ‘Misfit’ entrepreneurs and digital nomads – from all over the world – who discover their inner awesomeness and become Mavens.

Creatives (like us), have been hiding and camouflaged for far too long. It’s time for you to be seen. It’s time for you to take responsibility, own your eclectic mix of skills, and get out of your own way.

It’s time to accept your uniqueness. To open your heart. To reach out a hand of kindness. To remember that you’re enough. To stop being scared of who you are – so you can show up in your entirety. That’s the way you’re going to have the most impact.

I know this journey isn’t easy. It’s tough embracing our shadows. It’s hard to work through your challenges and achieve your business dreams. But it’s A LOT easier when you’re not alone.

That’s why I’ve made M2M360 a no-brainer for you to join. I want to help hundreds of people – just like you. Why? Because you deserve success and your skills are needed in this world, NOW!

The urgency is real. I'm doing my bit, I'm making it super fucking accessible; M2M360 costs just £199 to join plus a £99 a month subscription fee to maintain your access to the programme, community and the live calls.

  • Unrestricted online access to the Misfit to Maven Pillars and Cornerstones – so you can discover the insights, practices, and techniques that will enable you to transform your business (and life) from the inside out
  • Inspiring PDF workbooks to guide you through each Pillar and Cornerstone – making it easy to embrace the Misfit to Maven Way so you can smash through your blocks and uplevel your business
  • Monday group coaching and accountability calls, with a slot for each timezone – you’ll get LIVE coaching from Ebonie and your fellow ‘Mavens’ so you can tackle what’s holding you back and create a plan to get moving
  • Daily cheerleading from Ebonie – to give you the clarity, confidence, and courage you need to choose action and make your vision a reality
  • Templates, checklists, and worksheets – to help you move beyond survival mode and implement the proven systems and processes that make running a thriving business a breeze!
  • Special treats including gifts, meditations, and guest expert trainings (wait until you see what I’ve got planned for you!)

PLUS free access to the Secret M2M360 Mastermind Community where you can network, share stories, and interact with fellow misfits – all on a similar journey to you. Just imagine what will be possible for you when you’re around people who get you (finally).

Think different, do different, GET DIFFERENT

  • You're working for yourself and you are ready to catalyse your growth
  • You're committed to your own personal development and are willing to do some work!
  • You miss the hubub of working with other people but not the office politics
  • You'd really like to work with a coach, but 1:1 is out of your price range right now. (Many people in the community also have 1:1 coaches, but its not a prerequisite.)
  • OR you are working 1:1 with a coach but also want a community of peers.
  • You're ready to hone your craft and be the best at what you do
  • You want to be part of something bigger than 'just' you, and get that we're more powerful together!
  • You're coachable, and willing to do whatever it takes to make your freedom lifestyle work!

The M2M360 Mastermind Community is like a gym for your Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual health as well as a Powerful Business Accelerator. Its an incredible investment in you and your future. PLUS, with Ebonie subsidizing the cost, it's SUPER AFFORDABLE!

  • You're looking for 1:1 coaching at this price point.
  • You're not committed to your own personal development.
  • You often find you need a lot of handholding and help.
  • You actually want 1:1 coaching. This is not a substitute for 1:1 coaching.
  • You're looking for a right way and a wrong way. I'm not a mentor, trainer or guru. I'm a skilled and gifted COACH and I will help you find YOUR answers.
  • You have a deep-seated need to be right. You need to be openminded for it to work!

The M2M360 Mastermind Community is a SUPER AFFORDABLE gym for your mind, but it will only work, if you work it!

When you sign up to M2M360 you'll get:

  • 1

    Weekly Monday coaching calls (Value £400 monthly)

    On video, recorded for everyone to benefit from. Up to 30 people each week, across 3 time options. (First come first served, registration each Friday.)

  • 2

    M2M80 Content (Value £555)

    Immediate access to my 12 week programme with video, workbooks, extra handouts and lessons. Can be worked through again and again.

  • 3

    M2M360 Archived Content (minimum £300 Value)

    Videos, Recommended reading list, Worksheets, Guest trainings, continually added to membership library of content.

  • 4

    Monthly Guest Trainings (Value £250)

    Recorded if you can't attend live, everything from systems, PR, sales, yoga, pranayama, storytelling, technical training, from industry experts. (PLUS the chance to offer trainings yourself to the group in the future.)

  • 5

    Administrated, Safe, Fun, Online Community Forum (Value - priceless!)

    This is your place to network, form joint ventures, ask for support, give feedback, show what you can do, experiment, forge lifelong friendships!

Value =

Upfront £725, you pay £199

Monthly £750, you pay £99

I believe in this community wholeheartedly.

I've seen what it does for people's lives. For their sense of self. Whilst sitting in a meditation practice my soul whispered "Subsidize your community programme, make it an absolute no brainer!" so, I am....

I may not do so forever, so snap up this offer while you can!

You can’t smash that glass ceiling using the same approach that got you to this point.

It’s time to shake it up. It’s time to celebrate what you’ve achieved so far – and find some new strategies to help you step into your full potential.

You’re a hardworking, self-made, kick-ass, MAVEN who right now doesn’t 100% get just how awesome you REALLY are. No, worries, you are not alone, and you're not broken!… Join me and a community of kickass misfits in M2M360 and we’ll hold up a mirror so you can get to see what I already know.

If this programme feels right for you, SAY YES! Let me be your cheerleader (as I have for 100s of other misfits), while you create a life that’s as unique and extraordinary as you.

Bring it on!

Wake Up | Kick Ass | Be Kind | Repeat

Doors currently closed. Join the waitlist to get exclusive offers and discounts when they open again in January 2018!

Find out about M2M80 DIY

I honestly have said to people that this program changed my life. By combining the internal and external aspects, it helped me get on track faster than if I hadn’t done it. And that allows me to continue to try to make my business succeed instead of throwing in the towel, which is essential to the kind of life I want to lead.

Carrie Tanzen