So you got a twitter account.  A nice profile picture.  A bio.  And, silence.  No-one is adding you.  Your posts are going largely ignored and there haven’t been any new sign-ups to your mailing list recently.  Maybe you’re doing it wrong.

Perhaps you’re just one of the many businesses on social media who are not making a success of it. A change of tactic may be in order.

Social Media – the key is in the description. SOCIAL.

You also wouldn’t stand there and say the same thing over and over.  Why? Because people don’t work like that, they work on connections.

Think about the kind of people you are more likely to buy from…Likelihood is if they have made a connection with you, you are keener to buy.

If you have made a connection, it’s because they were worth connecting with.

So stop being the shouty person in the corner and start truly engaging with new and existing followers.

Be worth connecting to, and stand out from the crowd.  Let’s stop making social networks a shouting competition, where the loudest spammiest tactics get the attention.  Let’s make more real and personal connections.

Taking time to get to know your crowd is the best thing you could ever do to gain new followers and raise the profile of your business.

Here is a little challenge.  Go out and pick 25 potential customers.  Follow them.  Tweet them, asking how their day is? Or what they’re up to?  Maybe how the weather is in their city?  If they follow you, great.  If they don’t, don’t take it personally – there are more people who are YOUR people out there.  Start a conversation. Engage with people.

They will then go and look at your bio (make sure it says what problem you solve and for who,) and without you having to promote yourself they will be interested in what you are all about.

Ask them – Tell me about yourself.

and then listen.

It’s a conversation…

Reciprocity means that they will then ask ” So, what do you do?”

This is your cue to promote and not before.

If it works, go out and get another 25.

Follow, tweet, connect, repeat.

Try it, let me know how you get on.


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