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Thank you for taking part in my quiz! It's only a bit of fun, but at the same time - if you're honest whilst your life feels AHHH most of the time, there are days when you know you have plateaued, hit a new normal and are stumbling up against your own personal upper limit issues.

You have a high level of awareness of yourself and others. You are great at living in the now and have found ways of accessing your zone of genius, but you don’t always have a plan and ROI or strategy at times elude you.

You believe everything happens for a reason, and you know that the universe has a bigger plan that you can’t always see. (But knowing it cognitively and feeling it / believing it are different)

The manatee asks you to believe that when we are aligned then the right set of circumstances, right people appear - everything aligns with ease, and is here to help you create more of these situations.

Your guide asks you to focus on service to others and the big picture, whist finding or maintaining balance, ease and flow in your life so that you can enjoy your business and your personal life in equal measure.

If you'd like to work with someone who can truly hold space for all of who you are, a coach who you can be honest and vulnerable with, who’s got your back, can keep up and for whom there is no area we can’t explore, I recommend a clarity call with me, my book, The Pond or my Be Kind package.

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