Maven Masterclasses

Bite sized lessons in alchemising your grit into grace.

Step 1

Your Value Filter reveals your true purpose in life.
It gives you clarity and a deep understanding of what really drives you enabling you to make the right decisions quickly, and with ease. It underpins everything I teach and all my coaching work.


Maven Meditation Bundle

Step 2

I don't have the same take on meditation as most people out there, READ MY BLOG: WHY THE HELL SHOULD I MEDITATE..

If you like my style, get yourself the ‘Maven Meditation Extravaganza’ It comes with four different meditations, workbooks and guides.


Step 2

In this Masterclass Gail Bainbridge and I discuss both shame and guilt and share our best resources and techniques for overcoming them for good.

Thursday 26th March 2020, 6pm UK time [90mins]

Suspend Self Sabotage: Unleash your superpowers and opt out of self limitation.

Step 2

In this Masterclass I will explain Self Sabotage, share the 25 ways I see people expressing it every day and give you exercises to over come your own unique self sabotage patterns.

9th April 2020 5:30pm UK time  [90 mins]

The Mindfully Empowered Challenge

Step 2

A 5 day Mindset Transformation Experience.

Go from being Over-worried, Overworked and Underpaid to...Pure Alignment. 

Activate your Inner Badass, and Effortlessly Attract Freedom, Joy and Abundance.


Manifesting Bundle

Step 2

As a human being you will always have desires. 

Manifesting is the word given to bringing to life those desires.

Learn more about Manifesting in my 'Manifesting Bundle' of workbook, video and meditation.


Everything you need to know about the magical art of Decluttering for manifestation.

Step 2

Decluttering is an often overlooked part of the manifestation cycle. In order to let in the new we need to create space for it, by shedding that which is no longer of service or in alignment with what we are creating.

Thursday 16th April at 5:30pm UK time. [60 mins]

More Masterclasses to be announced soon!

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Watch this space...

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