5 things I have learned about money that will help you get more of it.


Understanding my beliefs about money and reframing them has been a game changer for me.

Here’s the BIG TRUTH, I just don’t care about money that much.

Not like I care about food for example. If you took an average cross section of my thoughts in one day, you’d probably find me thinking about food. I might be thinking about what I’m going to buy, or cook later. Who I’ve eaten with recently, what someone else made, or how much walking / swimming / gym-ing I need to do in order to eat that cake.

If you took another cross section of my thoughts, you might find me thinking about my relationships, new things I want to do, places I want to go, and experiences I want to have, BUT I don’t ever think about money.

I think about things I want – a haircut, a pedicure, a new piece of jewellery, a painting, a trip to a beach, a meal out with friends, a Mercedes etc etc but I never really think about actual money….

Unless it’s time to pay my tax bill, or someone invoices me.

I have worked with some seriously wealthy entrepreneurs, and what I have learned about them is that they DO think about cash. They know where every penny goes, they invest wisely, they know the exact return they are getting on their investments.

If you took a cross section of their thoughts at random you would find them thinking about interest, or yield or what they are going to do with their money to have it make money for them.

As a freelancer or small business owner things are less straight forward than they would be if you were an employee. As an employee you get your money in 12 chunks spread across the year in return for clocking in and clocking out. As an entrepreneur you need to start getting really AWARE of the status of your cash.

Up until recently I have been guilty of just not looking and hoping for the best. How many of you do that?


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Some of you know that about 5 years ago I was a lot in debt, and since then I have taken the time to learn some harsh lessons about money. First up was the realisation that I had my head in the sand. Second that I find balancing books and keeping record really boring. But I do like the FREEDOM money brings. The freedom to be generous, and kind and be of great value out in the world. Oh, and also the freedom to have FUN!! So now I am much more interested in money, it didn’t happen overnight, and I’m not in to money like some people are, but I have moved through my 7 steps , starting with AWARENESS and ending with APPRECIATION and found a new way, a new FEELING.

I am in no way RICH yet, but I know that the lessons have begun to sink in, and my goals have changed as a result. I want money as a facilitator, as a way of giving back, as recognition for the value exchange I provide.

Starting with AWARENESS and recognising my money blocks helped me to reframe everything to do with money. I now find making money, talking about money, asking for money, FUN… yep, REALLY FUN!

FIVE lessons from people who have and enjoy money:

1. People who have money, make their money work for them.

Make your money work for you. Take a percentage of everything that comes in as if it were an absolute necessity, like food, or rent and put it to work. If you want some help with this, try reading ‘The Richest Man in Babylon’.

2. Your beliefs about money are shaping your bank balance.

Identify your beliefs about money and DO something about the ones that aren’t working for you. For example, one that I think I shared with a lot of self employed people was “I want to pay as little tax as possible” – The thing about this belief is that while wanting to pay little or no tax I also needed to be earning little or no money for me! I Now have a new goal, rather than working towards earning a six figure income for me, which frankly I still find quite tricky to really imagine. I’m working towards paying more tax, at a number I can imagine.

Make your money goals personal, and look at what contradicting beliefs you have that might be stopping you from achieving them. If you need some help with this stuff, go check out Denise Duffield Thomas…. (oh and gentlemen… she might say she’s just for the gals, but there’s some bloody awesome content in there regardless of gender!

3. Become aware of your figures and test things out.

A scatter gun approach is a massive waste of money. I now have a spread sheet which tells me actual figures across key areas of my business, so that I can work out the exact best areas to invest in. I know how many Twitter followers, Facebook fans, Instagram peeps I have each month. I know what I’ve spent on advertising and how many enquiries I got as a result. Which means I know how much each new customer cost me. Start small, just record your numbers for a few months and then you can analyse the data.

4. Have some FUN!

Once you have the data you can start to get creative with your offers. How can you show your clients / customers that you appreciate them? What small investment can you make that will make them feel special? Who can you join forces with, who shares your target market but isn’t a direct competition – how can you make a joint venture with them?

5. Do Owners work.

Are you doing owners work or employee’s work? As the business owner you want to be doing the work once, and getting paid often. Start thinking differently. Are you an employee in your business or are you the owner? Go back and look at your WHY, why are you in business for yourself? How can you magnify this?

I hope some of this is helpful, as always I love your comments… tell me about how you feel about money.

 xoxo Ebonie


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