Are you a Multipotentialite?


Today I am going to answer a question I get asked A LOT…

“I identify as a multipotentialite, I have multiple interests and skills. I feel pulled in different directions, but I also feel that in order to succeed I need to choose one thing. Is it okay to have more than one passion? Or more than one business? Where should my focus be?”

Many people have grown up with the culturalisation that they must choose one thing that they will be when they grow up.

But some of us like many many things and are good at many many things.

Far from being encouraged and rewarded, being a multipotentialite is often discouraged in favour of picking one thing and becoming an expert.

If you have grown up being a polymath, an autodidact, or a multipotentialite in our society the likelihood is that you have been called ‘a jack (or Jill) of all trades, master of none.’

You have probably spent time asking yourself

“Whats wrong with me?”


“Am I self sabotaging, by not wanting to specialise?”


“What is my purpose or one true calling?

The truth is that the antiquated education system and the adults it produced were created to line a hierarchical system with an expert or specialist at the top. A system that was designed to make people jostle for their position, and compete.

In a world with multidimensional issues to be solved, we need multidimensional innovators to come in at the intersections and comfortably roam the liminal spaces in order to produce divergent and emergent thinking.

Emilie Wapnick says that Multipotentialites have three key superpowers:

• Idea Synthesis

• Rapid Learning

• Adaptability

I am inclined to agree with her, these gifts can be used as superpowers, but if they are not harnessed, if they are not owned and if they are not synthesised it can be easy to fall through the cracks.

In order to succeed, I believe it really helps to understand how your interests are linked and in what way they intersect. Doing so will help you know your true purpose and feel aligned in that.

Each and everyone of us does have a true purpose – to live within our ‘Value Filter™’. To generate our unique and signature ‘energy / emotion’ and give it away as our gift to the world.

What we do for a living, what we do in life, is purely an expression of our purpose and as such it can and will change and evolve as we do.

The ‘Value Filter™’ system is a system that I created using a Values elicitation process and then distilling it to its core, as a way of helping you to identifying your true essence and access it, be it and live it as easily as possible.

This beautifully simple process and system has now been used by thousands of people and in my second book, (yet to be published) I will go into more depth on how to easily access yours and then how to use it to feel more confident, more courageous, calmer and get even greater clarity.

For now, you will want to work out what your core values and choose to honour them in your everyday life. If you want to, you can go here to discover your ‘Value Filter™’.

Your values and specifically the way that being in alignment with them makes you feel, is what links all that you are interested in and passionate about and underpins all that you do and are.

Being able to communicate this effectively, feeling like we know what our purpose is and how to live it allows a real sense of belonging to come through and with that is ease and power equally.

So, Is it okay to have more than one passion? Or more than one business?

YES – however, the real answer here is to do with focus:

“Where should my focus be?”

The issue that I see again and again is people attempting to focus on too many things at once, without either getting traction or support on any one idea or thing first.

Your focus should be on being able to communicate effectively what you do, for who and how.

If you have more than one thing, it may take longer to get clear on these. It may also be that your people are not all in one space but in multiple spaces. If so, then maybe you are looking at multiple businesses and again, this may take longer. My advice would be to work on them one at a time and / or to partner with a specialist or team of specialists.

Entrepreneurs are often multipotentialites, with many passions and many ideas, they move fast and in order to truly succeed must get help to implement and deliver once they are ready to move onto the next thing.

Being able to pivot, transfer your skills, notice commonality, reside in the liminality, and view from a range of perspectives is a gift. Trusting the gift, channeling the gift, honing the gift and moving between a diffuse and singular focus is where your work lies.

Stay Wild, Stay true, Always be YOU!


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