Ganesh - Tattoo credit Guen DouglasThis weekend I fell in love, with my THIGH.


Me – who has struggled with body image and loving all of me, for like… forever…

People ask me about my tattoos all the time:

“Did it hurt?”

“Is there a meaning?”

“How many do you have?”

“Can I touch it?”

But what I don’t think most people get about my tattoos is that for me they tell a story, they detail memories and chapters in my life and they contribute to the story that is me, learning to love and accept me.

On Friday evening Guen Douglas began a piece inspired by Ganesh and my time(s) in Bali and the journey I have been on whilst writing my book (go here to sign up for pre order and info about the book when it’s cooked) and whilst she tattooed and I grimaced, we talked. We talked about all sorts of things, but what really stuck out for me this time is how through tattooing I have gotten to know and love parts of my body I previously had distain for.

This weekend I have spent way more time than ever before really noticing and appreciating my thigh. When I look at it I no longer see puckered and dimpled fat pale skin, but a curved, muscular, beautiful and integral limb of mine.

Now, I am not proposing that you go out and get tattooed, I am inviting you instead to take some time to reframe how you view parts of you, and question what you could do to enable you to see things differently.

In the comments below I’d love it if you shared ways in which you’ve learned to appreciate yourself!

ebonie xoxo


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