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Thank you for taking part in my quiz! It's only a bit of fun, but at the same time - if you're honest everything feels kinda ARGH!!!! right now huh?!

The Newt has been there!!

The Newt knows that it quite often feels like you have very little control over life.

Sometimes you feel like everyone is out to get you.

You wish you had more control.

You can sometimes find yourself blaming your circumstances for your lack of fulfilment.

You crave control. You crave the courage to make some changes in your life and live authentically, but there are some personal and unresolved issues holding you back and you're scared that you’ll wake up one day and realise that 30 years have passed and you never took a leap of faith and took a chance on yourself.

Your guide asks you to think about freedom and adventure. To explore what it means to be your own boss, to make the rules, to do it your way. Your guide gets that there are a whole bunch of internal and external obstacles or blocks in the way and your guide invites you to talk it out.

You’d benefit from a short sharp shock, a reality check, a dose of courage and some support from someone who gets it.

If you'd like a little guidance and a lot of truths I recommend my book, M2M80 or my Wake Up package.


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