I am not your guru... Ebonie Allard

I am not your guru!

I can’t thank you enough!” She said.
“I’m not sure you’ll ever understand what you’ve done for me. This work is life changing. You’re an angel.” There were tears running down her cheeks, and her eyes shone brightly with the vibrancy that showing up for ourselves brings.
You did the work!” I said. “This, the feeling that you have, its for yourself. This appreciation you have drink it up! It’s yours, you earned it by being real and true with yourself!
Yes, but YOU are amazing, I need you to know this” she pleaded with me.
I know this, but not because you told me so.” I smiled…
It’s easy to let people words effect us – if someone tells us we’re not good enough, lazy, ugly, stupid… we can either believe them, or we can make our own call on what feels true and real for us.

The same is true of praise, so whilst it’s lovely to receive external validation (and I hear it, and receive it with thanks ??) it’s also important that we make our own call on what feels real and true.

I am not your guru. I am not better than you. I do not have it all figured out, and if you come and work with me, I am not going to share some secret sauce, or silver bullet that cuts through everything and makes you money, magics up free time, creates balance and boundaries in your life or has everyone falling at your feet in love!

It doesn’t work like that and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying, more over – more the fool you for thinking it could be that easy! There is no escaping the work. We can make the work fun though! I can take the sting out of it and keep you on track and focused – that’s my job.

It’s what I am good at, what you need and what the world needs more of, BUT it does not make me a guru or a higher power!

Do not put that sh*t on me… TAKE OWNERSHIP OF YOUR LIFE!

I won’t be put on the floor to be walked on AND I won’t be put on a pedestal either.

I have my strengths, gifts and superpowers and so do you.

I take ownership of them.

I feel huge appreciation and gratitude that I am able to do the work I do, and that it’s received well, but I didn’t get by accident and I don’t do this work for the praise and validation, I do it because I LOVE helping people find their way home to their gifts and talents and superpowers!! ?

Imagine a world where we all took ownership of ourselves, our greatness! Imagine a world where it was OK to be ALL of who you are!



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