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Thank you for taking part in my quiz! It's only a bit of fun, but at the same time - if you're honest everything feels kinda AHHH!! Until it doesn’t when you’re right back at ARGH!!!! All over again, right?!

You know that you effect the world and make your own reality. You have some awareness of your own feelings, personality type, strengths and challenges - and are interested in developing more both of yourself and of others.

Ultimately most days it doesn’t matter what’s going on out there, you are the master of your ship. You know that your mindset matters and that what and how you think affects everything, but you could really do with some more tools, tricks, tips and practice at mastering your mindset and increasing your self esteem and confidence.

The Octopus offers you the extra limbs to do this. It knows that it often feels like you are pushing, striving and working super fucking hard to make your business work and your dreams come true.

It also knows that it can be exhausting being positive all the time, and devastating when things go wrong.

Your guide invites you to look at the money you have already made in your business, and take a deeper look at the mindset and money blocks which are holding you back from keeping that money or feeling good about having it.

You have clear goals, a plan, or set ideas about what you want and how you’d like to get there, and your guide is here to cheerlead and challenge you.

The octopus knows that your self worth is secretly quite wrapped up in success and achievement right now and wants to help you see another way, an easier way.

If you feel like you'd benefit from having someone on your team, looking out for you, and working on your business and your life with you as if it were their own and THE most important thing in the world right now. If you feel like there is never quite enough, or that selling your product or service (or self) is hard work I recommend my book, The Pond, or my Kick Ass package

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