Eight in 8

 Ollie Neveu is a writer, a life coach and a fur mama of two, including her rescue greyhound Neve aka Guru Dog. Her purpose is to help high achieving women who are feeling broken and stuck from their corporate jobs to dive head first into authentic living, stop taking life so seriously and apply guru dog wisdom to create happiness.

 It is my mission is to enable entrepreneurs.

For me it is all about inspiring as many people as possible to listen to their gut and follow their intuition!!
So, I’m asking people who I think are great to answer my 8 in 8
– Eight quick fire questions, in eight minutes, not too much thinking – straight from their hearts.

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1, 2, 3 GO

ollie neveu

1. What does being an Entrepreneur mean to you?

Freedom. Bravery. Doing whatever the hell I want at 2pm on a Tuesday!

2. What did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a vet, and work in a building shaped like a turtle, made from green glass. I remembering repeatedly telling my mother as a kid that I never wanted to work in an office.

3. When did you decide to be self employed?

Well turns out I ended up working in an office when I grew up, as an accountant. Thankfully I ended up having a mental breakdown when I was 22, which propelled me into becoming self employed.

4. Who inspires you?

Anyone who follows their heart

5. What is non negotiable in your schedule?

Time with my rescue greyhound AKA Guru Dog Neve

6. What makes you feel ARGH!?

Corporate offices and the hustle of the city

7. What do you do that helps you to feel more AHHH!?

Hanging out with trees in the park. Trees are amazing.

8. What would you like your epitaph to read?

Look behind you

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