Birthdays make me reflective -:

1. I am enough.
2. How you do anything is how you do everything.
3. Every single one of us has a story that will inspire others.
4. The human body is amazing.
5. The human mind is awe-some.
6. An extra half an hour in bed each morning, just being – creates calm and space in my day.
7. The more open and vulnerable I am the more connected I feel to those I open up to.
8. Most of the things that have a profound life changing effect for me felt counter intuitive at first.
9. Becoming more comfortable with getting uncomfortable has made me feel more comfortable in my skin.
10. Accepting my beauty and particularly my body has changed my reality – I wish I’d made the decision to stop fighting myself earlier.
11. I’ve never regretted a workout or a yoga session.
12. I’ve never regretted being kind.
13. Treating and being treated by girlfriends as sisters is soooooo incredibly life affirming and rewarding.
14. Being lazy occasionally is a joy.
15. Haircuts and pedicures cure almost any funk.
16. Money is not nearly as important as experience but it affords assurance which makes me safe.
18. Flirting and being flirted with makes my soul sing.
19. The reward of facing my greatest fears far outweighs the initial fear.
20. Being and doing, like giving and receiving have equal value and equal joy.
21. Creating value and doing something I love is more important than working hard.
22. Slowing down, paying attention to my breathe, focusing on how I feel, just noticing and being aware without judgement and visualising myself in a wild garden has done more for maintaining my mental health than anything else I have tried.
22. A surprise note, text, email, call whatever from a friend, saying that they value me and am glad I am alive makes me cry with joy.
23. My heart has the capacity to be more full of love than I ever dreamed.
24. Resentment results from wanting something for myself, not giving it to myself, or expecting someone else to give it to me and not communicating my wants.
25. The feelings of connection and belonging that I am able to feel have a direct correlation with the vulnerability I am willing to show. Being truly vulnerable with another human being is often terrifying, but I practice a little more each day – the results still always surprise me.
26. A sunset, a campfire, waves crashing or lapping, a thunderstorm, the smell of rain, the smell of sweetpeas – have the capacity to make me stop everything and feel complete reverence.
27. Wherever you go in the world, you still take you with you.
28. I love coffee way more than it loves me.
29. As long as I have black eyeliner and red lipstick I can feel glamorous.
30. Driving country roads with the windows down and loud music roaring brings me joy.
31. A day in bed isn’t a day wasted.
32. Having someone hold my hand when I’m feeling sad changes everything.
33. Listening is one of the most underrated human skills, taking time to listen is hugely powerful.
34. People will remember how you made them feel above all else.
35. I love my life and am so very grateful to have made it to 35, there have a been few times I wasn’t sure I’d get here…I’m very much looking forward to the next 35.



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