Structure for creatives


Over the last month or so I have had a massive realisation that has changed my life and the lives of my clients for the better and I want to share it with you.

It’s actually a simple revelation, and as such the most awesome kind!

The majority of the people I work with have an issue with structure.

We are the rebels, the creatives, the misfits and structure gets in our way!!!

I have for most of my life felt that ‘the rules’ and other peoples structures are stifling and suffocating. This probably started with my parents and school and I had such a reaction to not feeling good about the suffocation and claustrophobia created by the confines of their rules that I rejected structure completely.

I am not alone in this.

You lot also want to do it your way! Which pleases me A LOT, it means that innovation, forward thinking, imaginative CREATIVITY is happening!!


I am all about doing it your own way, being creative and listening to your heart BUT some of us have gotten so sure that structure is stifling and suffocating that we have gotten to a place of overwhelm. Our brains are foggy and too much freedom and uncertainty has left us feeling unsafe and scattered!

I realised this for myself a while back and have started to implement some safety measures. After you have lost your home and lived on other peoples sofas and run a business from your car, you kinda start thinking that some security might be less boring and more stabilising..

 – creating more freedom by allowing us to know when we are done with the important shit that has to get done and can now go and play!

If we are clear on the structures, systems and solid foundations just think about how much adventure and fun we can have, knowing we’re not going to lose it all and have to start again!!

Lets get a really bespoke structure in place that supports you. Lets get stable so that we can work smart and not hard. We want freedom and adventure, so lets get clear on what that looks like, how long it will take, when and where we are going to do the work bit so that we can focus on the PLAY bit!

Sound good?

Yeah I thought so, it does to me!!

In my signature program ‘Misfit to Maven – in 80 Days’ we look at structure and scheduling, reframing it so that it is honest and working for you… In my 1-2-1 work we get really clear on what systems you can put in place to make your feel safe but not square.

In the comments below I’d love it if you would share with us your non negotiable’s; the things that make a part of your supportive structure that allows you to be creative and imaginative and free the rest of the time?

xoxo Ebonie


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