8-in-8 Robyn Silverton

Robyn Silverton is a Holistic Therapist & Yoga teacher. She is a Co-creator of Tree Rooms Therapies & The Spirited Project.

It is my mission is to enable entrepreneurs.

For me it is all about inspiring as many people as possible to listen to their gut and follow their intuition!!
So, I’m asking people who I think are great to answer my 8 in 8
– Eight quick fire questions, in eight minutes, not too much thinking – straight from their hearts.

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1, 2, 3 GO

Robyn Silverton

1. What does being an Entrepreneur mean to you?

It means going in a different direction to the mainstream, having an outlet for all my ideas and directing my energy into creative projects.

2. What did you want to be when you grew up?

In the early early days, following the success of The Sound of Music, a nun!

Followed shortly by a hairdresser and a forensic scientist – my work today seems to contain aspects of all 3 – great news!

3. When did you decide to be self employed?

 About 14 years ago, having had enough of NHS work and wanting to see clients as whole people rather than a diagnosis.

4. Who inspires you?

 Brene Brown, Caroline Myss, Roman Krznaric (author of Empathy), Ruby Turner (soul singer) and many of the clients I see every week.

5. What is non negotiable in your schedule?

Time in the day to be quiet and find space to not think!

A really good cup of coffee and a hot bubble bath.

6. What makes you feel ARGH?

Argh comes from inside generally, it seems to come as a response to feeling restricted and contracted in an area of my life.

Often for me “argh” is a physical feeling but equally if I take on too much ( abit of a pattern) then my headspace will shrink and my intuitive voice gets squeezed out!

7. What do you do that helps you to feel more AHHH!?

Breathe, meditate, cook and hang out with toddlers just having fun.

8. What would you like your epitaph to read?

 She made me feel happy to be me!

Where can we find you?

www.robynessence.com or www.thespiritedproject.com and on Twitter and Instagram.


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