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 Jo-Ann Hamilton was born and raised in the Caribbean. She was educated there as well as in the USA and Europe. In the past she has worked in the property and construction sector, as a freelance writer for various publications and as a consultant to social enterprises. She is passionate about entrepreneurship, sustainability and women’s economic empowerment. Currently she is working as the Founder of SecretBirds, an enterprise which encourages, empowers and supports women and girls through entrepreneurship. She also blogs and contributes regularly to on-line magazines about entrepreneurship and delivers entrepreneurial workshops.

It is my mission is to enable misfit entrepreneurs.

For me it is all about inspiring as many people as possible to listen to their gut and follow their intuition!!
So, I’m lifting the lid on ‘entrepreneurship’ and asking people who are walking their talk to answer my 8 in 8
– Eight quick fire questions, in eight minutes, not too much thinking – straight from their hearts.

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1, 2, 3 GO!

 1.  What does being an Entrepreneur mean to you
Being an entrepreneur to me means freedom. The freedom to have complete control over my life. The freedom to create what I deserve, to serve others and to be happy and content knowing I am living within my purpose, passion and values, everyday, all day. 

2.  What did you want to be when you grew up?
It changed daily, I never knew. I was never that person, that knew what I wanted to do when I grow up. I just kind of always went with the flow and the flow of course always changed. I was always the odd one out so to speak. I always did my own thing! 

3. When did you decide to be self employed?
I think mentally I was always self employed but physically I divided myself between the entrepreneurial world and the corporate world for a very long time. I always knew that day would arrive when I would leave the latter. I did not know when but I figured the moment would present itself and finally it did in the summer of 2014 but I officially leaped in December 2014. So, for me it was always a journey of self employment with some corporate stints in between. 

4. Who inspires you?
My mother is my greatest inspiration. She is everything I want to be in a woman and human being generally. Her entire life story is an inspiration to me. When I have my moments I always think about her and ask, what would Mummy do?

5. What is non negotiable in your schedule?
Prayer, meditation, running and cycling, my vegan diet, my writing and reading time and lastly my monthly solo-escapes. These are my disciplines, I practice them faithfully and they are an integral part of my life. I never compromise on these and they have the biggest and best impact on my life. 

6. What makes you feel ARGH!?
Insincerity makes me feel argh because it is so unnecessary. I can sense it and it always disappoints me that people choose to be this way. “To be” is so deep and refreshing and it is beautiful.

7. What do you do that helps you to feel more AHHH!?
To get an immediate ahh I generally remove myself mentally from a situation with a few deep breaths and if I can remove myself physically as well I try to do so in a natural environment-park for example. I also always try to put things in perspective. Perspective always creates an ahh for me.  

8. What would you like your epitaph to read?
She lived a life she chose, always unpredictable and uncompromising with her fearless pursuit to unleash the spark in herself and those around her. 
You can find out more about Jo-Ann and Secret Birds on her website on Twitter and on Facebook.


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