What do all happy and successful businesses have in common?

These are my 5 top tips in clear and concise alliterated form:

1. Communication.

Clearly communicate what you do and for who. Otherwise known as your pitch, getting really clear on WHAT you are offering and WHO it offers value to is vital. Learning how to articulate what you do helps other people hire you. Take time to develop your ‘elevator pitch’ make sure you can explain in under a minute how what you do is of value to the people you do it for. Practice your pitch until it flows, until you sound clear and confident. Write and keep a small bio and a longer one with details. For web and print have something in bullets points for people who skim read and just want the headlines, as well as something more depth with details for those people for whom more, is more.

2. Credibility.  

The key to people buying your products or services is being credible. In this day and age your story of credibility isn’t just about qualifications, it is also about having a connection to ‘your people’. Your personal journey is what connects you to your audience; what motivates you to do what you do, where you have been, what you have experienced and learned are all assets – Explain how you got to where you are now, others will respect you for it. Publish your opinions, your ideas, and your knowledge – in an information era credibility is built through having your wisdom out in plain sight for people to find. Speak at events, publish an ebook, display your qualifications and be proud of your credentials.


3. Connection

is 85% of what people are buying into, people are not just buying your product or service, they could buy from anyone and they are choosing you because they have a connection with you. Whether they have seen you speaking at an event, interacted with you on social media or met you out and about; they either like you, or respect what you do. Make time for people. Ask them about themselves. Listen.

4. Content.

In an age where information is king, and it is no longer enough just to trade your time for money, it is SO IMPORTANT to have content; programmes, webinars, ebooks, articles, video, podcasts, infographics are all examples of ways you can productise your expertise in a format that is accessible to others. How can you provide content of value to your market? What do your prospects want to know? How can you provide an insight into how you can be the solution to their problem?

5. Community.

The beauty of Internet based enterprises is that you can work from anywhere, being location independent is awesome! It means you have the freedom to roam the planet and meet all sorts of people. In reality, for a lot of freelancers and startups this can mean a lot of working alone. Partnering with others, (when your businesses compliment each other), Joint Ventures (maybe for a specific project,) working with a social enterprise or charity, and joining a shared office or renting hot desks are all ways of building and becoming part of a community. Community is a vitally important part of feeling connected to something, and our sense of belonging. Offering and receiving support, sharing wisdom, feedback, and ideas can be the thing that sparks your next million or simply allows you and your enterprise to blossom. If you can’t or don’t want to join an offline community there are plenty of online platforms to contribute to. Joining a Mastermind group (on or offline) is a great way to help others, stay accountable and receive feedback.

Ultimately for whatever reason, you made the decision to leap into the unknown and start your own enterprise. You are courageous, you are intelligent and you have something of value to share with the world – and you really are not alone… Collaborate with others, remember the journey is as rewarding as the dream destination and live a fully rounded and three dimensional life. (whatever that means to you)

On purpose, with purpose



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