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Let me show you the Misfit to Maven® Way

Wake Up • Kick Ass • Be Kind • Repeat

Hi there, I'm Ebonie Allard

It is my mission to create community, to help creative and innovative people to choose curiosity over fear, and to reframe uncertainty – so that you are able to feel a sense of internal belonging, and choose courage and experience over expectation.

I help Misfits become Mavens.

I help creative, visionary 'misfits' who feel overwhelmed, like they have no time, and have forgotten who they really are to find their CLARITY, CONFIDENCE, COURAGE and CALM so that they can build profitable, sustainable and fun futures!

I cheerlead & challenge, hold your hand & give you a kick up the ass.

Harness your unique wisdom & experience, discover your superpowers and live a life less ordinary!

(One as unique as you are, that feels as good on the inside as it perhaps looks on the outside.)

Stay Wild • Stay True • Always be YOU!

" When I reached out to Ebonie I felt really low. I was overwhelmed, I did not know why everything I was touching wasn’t working.

I was working all hours god sent and getting nowhere. I was emotional and physically exhausted.

I felt miserable in every part of my life.

Now, I am so much more empowered. I have the knowledge and ability to see where I was going wrong, what I deliberate action I need to take, why I need to take it and the confidence to do something about it. I feel healthier in my home life and in my work life, I have clear boundaries, and a better more blended life.

Ebonie invited me (in her unique and extraordinary way) to open my eyes and realise what was really going on in my life. Doing this work changed my life in the most amazing ways, both professionally & personally."

- Tasha Newland, The Hampshire Wedding Club and Ikon Works.

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