The Pond

Does it sometimes feel like you have to do it all alone?

Does it feel like your friends and family just don’t get what you are trying to do?

OR maybe they do, but you’d rather spend the little time you have with them focused on the stuff that isn’t business related.

Have you ever tried to explain to your partner how awesome the new sales funnel you're working on is going to be and they zone out or worse, try and question why you'd even have a funnel, isn't that spammy?"  (FYI – this was shared with me recently – you are not alone!)

Have you ever gone for a drink with your entrepreneurial pal who gets it and found you are still talking shop at 11pm? Isn’t it time you had a place for that and a place to be friends without the business banter?

Do you long for a place where you can be all of you? Where you can talk about the fears and practicalities of being a misfit entrepreneur.

Would you like a place where you can dip your toe in when you need some supervision or support or to brainstorm an idea, or to ask about the nuts and bolts of a technical aspect of the backend of business?

You do not have to do it all alone!

In fact, it is my experience that having access to a hive mind like this
can lead to results beyond your wildest expectations.

Being a purpose driven business person can be tough, the waters can feel murky and cold.

The Pond is my solution.

A by-application community and online space where I host supervision, coaching, masterminding, brainstorming and discussion in a held and safe way.

The idea behind The Pond is simple, it’s about being the change we want to see in the world, it’s about sisterhood (we do allow dudes in too though) It’s about having a truly authentic and confidential space to connect with your peers, with the safety of being able to talk to other people who understand, who can relate, who aren't necessarily a potential client (so you can be 100% open and honest) and who've been where you've been or are where you are or visa versa.

The Pond?

Okay, so this analogy is just something I use with my clients a lot, by accident and it’s now become ‘a thing’…

When you start out, you’re a little fish in a pond. You do the work, and you become a bigger fish. In time, the pond becomes boring; you’ve been there a while. You’re kinda too big for it now and it’s uncomfortable, BUT all your friends are there AND the next pond is a BIG leap away and is HUGE or the fear of the jump from here to there feels scary and unknown.

You’re worried if you leap you’ll leave people you love behind, and you worry you’re not good enough, qualified enough, ready for the BIG pond, so you stay where you are.

OR you leap.

If you leap you’re now a bigger fish, in a bigger pond. New people to meet, new things to learn, its exciting but scary.

The Pond, is your school and your shoal – it's a place to be the entrepreneurial animal that you are, and grow with the other beasts…

But enough of my metaphors.

We are a private online community, with a hub to chat and share and 12 video calls a year where we can grow and develop ourselves and our businesses, push one another to reach the goals we've set ourselves, cheerlead and receive big WHOOOPS when we succeed, support and guide when we don't. Forge stronger bonds and friendships with fellow entrepreneurs, create amazing joint ventures and cross promotion opportunities.

Spaces are limited to 25. All members are vetted by me and minimum term is one year. If you want to leave at the end of that year you can, and I will then open applications and current members can nominate newbies to join our pool.

Membership Investment: £250 a year or £25 a month.

Applications close at midnight BST on Friday, September 9, 2016.

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