The thing that comes up a hella lot with my rebellious clients is structure and systems.

We are the rebels, the creatives, the misfits and structure gets in our way!!!

and yet

structure is necessary; there comes a point when overwhelm obscures freedom


and this is when we need to find a way to reframe structure as something that supports freedom and creativity instead of feeling stifled by it.

Other peoples systems and routine leave me feeling suffocated. Mine however mean that shit gets done and there is space and time for thinking, and play and curiosity and exploration.

So these are my six sexy steps to creating a structure to your business and life that works for you not against you.

  1. Know your values – what is important to you? I work with a feeling based system that creates a filter through which you can view the world and work out if something is in alignment with your highest good. For help working out yours get in touch.
  1. Work out your own productivity rhythms – There are times in the day when you will be more focused and times when you are less so. Times when you are more sociable and times when you are happiest alone. When you know these you can schedule to your own strengths.
  1. Schedule schedule schedule AND Fit your non negotiables in first. Schedule everything. That means absolutely everything from date night to getting your taxes done. Dependant on your values and current priorities these will change, but getting the most important things in first will be mean that these will not fall off your to do list. These could be anything meditation, picking the kids up from school, one complete day off a week – or three! Date night, studying… or whatever it is in your life.
  1. Create some routine. As much or as little as YOU need. Avoiding routine is part of the reason I do this and not a something else, BUT even I need some routine. I’ve managed to find a balance that works for me. Every Monday I do admin. Every Thursday I write a blog and my newsletter. Every Tuesday I hold my group coaching call in the evening. I have set days for discovery sessions, and having a theme or a focus for each day is enough for me. You might want more, your might want less. Experiment with how much routine makes you feel safe and how much makes you bored!
  1. Focus on one new creation at a time. I know, you have a TONNE of ideas, and that’s what’s so awesome about you, but do you know whats even more awesome? Focus. Work on one idea at a time and know what outcome you want, or exactly how far into the launch phase you want to go before handing it onto someone else. Multi tasking is great, but getting one thing actually done is way more satisfying than 7 things that are started.
  1. Do the work once. Set up systems that take you out of the equation. Work out which frequently asked questions, or enquiries you get all the time and create answers to them – use something like canned responses, or have template emails or a designated webpage for all your FAQ’s. Do this for clients, contractors and suppliers if necessary. Do the work once and never have to do it again. Or only have to review it a few times a year.

Getting organised and putting system and procedure into your business means that you are free to do the things you love to do. Knowing the system and having the certainty that it provides you to have quality uncertainty in all the right and fun places.

Ebonie xoxo


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