HAPPY BIRTHDAY coaching package.

How are you feeling about turning another year older?

Do you feel wiser and more content?

Or, has another year slipped away without you feeling proud of your lived potential and experience?

If it's leaning towards the latter, do not fear - This birthday package is designed to cheer lead and challenge you to get crystal clear on your intentions and how you can realise them with ease and grace.

It's for you if you'd like to hit the reset button with passion and purpose and create a plan with just the right mixture of deliberate, and space for emergent strategy and magic!

It's for you if you'd like another set of eyes and an objective perspective on where you are now, where you'd like to be and how to navigate your way over, round or through....

In this one off session, over a leisurely lunch, we'll map out your NOW and FUTURE, making it FUN and full of adventure, connection and prosperity!

£650 (incl. lunch in person or a voucher for a meal on me)

  • You'll leave with as detailed a plan as works for you.
  • You'll leave with clarity on how to be in your Value Filter™ more often.
  • You'll leave feeling optimistic, appreciative and high energy about where you are now, and whats next!

Ready to make it easier on yourself and make this your best year yet?

Hell yes!!

Step 1. Make your payment using PayPal - put birthday and your contact details as a reference.

Step 2. I'll be in touch so that we can personalise the experience especially for you and get the date all booked in!!